Zoey Deutch, Barbiecore & Kim K

Zoey Deutch, Barbiecore & Kim K

By Steve Heldon

There’s no time of year better than Halloween to showcase your iconic style. I mean, it’s essentially a normal person’s Met Gala: Everyone is given the chance to channel their inner diva and dress like whatever persona best represents them. It seems like the Halloween costume trends for 2022 are so much more fashion-forward than what we’re used to. I mean, we’ve got the fourth season of Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and every single Zoey Deutch look from Not Okay to use as inspo.

Typically, popular Halloween costumes are classics—like a witch, a skeleton, or a cat—but instead of keeping to tradition, we’re looking to what’s trending within pop culture. So, in addition to looking to your favorite subscription service, pay close attention to what you see as you scroll through Instagram and TikTok this month. By taking note of what everyone’s talking about this year, you can easily come up with a fun costume that’s bound to get plenty of compliments. Creativity + Pop Culture Relevancy = Halloween Costume Gold, baby!

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(If you’re worried about how to actually recreate some of these looks, we got you. We’ve included plenty of tips on how to DIY these Halloween costumes wherever possible, so you don’t have to frantically Google your favorite character and brainstorm in the fabric aisle at Hobby Lobby.)

Below, you’ll find a bevy of culturally relevant and incredibly fashion-forward Halloween costume ideas to give you major inspiration. have several Halloween outings lined up, because you’ll be hard-pressed to choose just one of these Halloween costume trends.

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You’re welcome. Now, let’s get spooky, y’all.



Chrissy’s Hawkins High School Cheerleader Uniform From ‘Stranger Things’

Be cute and spooky simultaneously. Grab your pom poms and practice your high kicks to pay homage to Chrissy Cunningham (R.I.P.) in this Hawkins High cheerleader costume.

Getty Images.Getty Images.

Getty Images.

Anna Delvey From ‘Inventing Anna’

‘Inventing Anna’ racked up 196 million streaming hours between February 14 and 21—making it Netflix’s most-watched English-language series. This next costume is inspired by the fake German heiress who schmoozed her way into New York’s high society. Recreate this look for Halloween by getting a black and white jacket, a pair of black boots, and a red statement purse.



Wanda Maximoff From ‘Wandavision’

If red is your color, then you’ll want to dress up this year as Wanda Maximoff in her cute Scarlet Witch costume. Not only will you look ravishing in red, but also command every room you step foot in this spooky season.

Getty Images.Getty Images.

Getty Images.

Olivia Rodrigo At The 2022 Met Gala

Halloween is the best time to dress up like your favorite pop star. Olivia Rodrigo is hands-down one of the most popular celebrities at the moment. Recreate her Met Gala look with trendy long gloves, a sparkly gown and the purple butterfly clips from the collaboration with Jennifer Behr and Betsey Johnson.



Zoey Deutch in Hulu’s ‘Not Okay’

If you’ve recently tuned in to Hulu’s recent “Not Okay” release featuring Dylan O’Brien and Zoey Deutch, then you might want to take a stab at dressing up like Danni. Snag a red beret and a floral dress to look like the ultimate “wannabe” influencer.

Getty Images.Getty Images.

Getty Images.

Kim Kardashian at the 2022 Met Gala

Kim Kardashian made headlines everywhere when she wore Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress to the Met Gala. Now, we don’t suggest busting the authentic gown out of Ripley’s like she did, but instead opt for a sheer crystal-studded dress this October and feel the fantasy.

Getty Images.Getty Images.

Getty Images.

JoJo Siwa at the ‘High School Musical The Musical The Series’ Season 3 Premiere

JoJo Siwa is known for her iconic sparkly and eye-catching outfits whether that’s on the dance floor or at a premiere. Recreate this look with a silver fringe jacket and a pair of holographic pants that’ll make you the center of attention.



Umbrella Academy

Transform into one of the superheroes from the Umbrella Academy” known for solving mysteries with this uniform cosplay. The outfit includes a jacket, sweater, long-sleeve shirt, pants, tie, and socks. Draw on a mask with some face paint or snag one from Five Below.

Getty Images. Design: Sasha Purdy/STYLECASTER.Getty Images. Design: Sasha Purdy/STYLECASTER.

Getty Images. Design: Sasha Purdy/STYLECASTER.


C’mon barbie, let’s go party. The #bimbo trend meets sartorial Barbie style in this easy-to-execute costume. If you don’t have any Barbiecore-staple bright pink laying around, there are tons of actual Barbie sets to choose from.

Warner Bros/Columbia Pictures.Warner Bros/Columbia Pictures.

Warner Bros/Columbia Pictures.

A Coastal Grandmother

There are people who like to dress revealing on All Hallow’s Eve, and many others who opt for comfort. May I present the easiest, most comfy Halloween costume trend of 2022: the coastal grandmother. Put on a pair of linen pants and pull on your coziest sweater. There, you nailed it.



Dr. Strange from Dr. Strange In The Multiverse of Madness

Transform into your favorite Marvel character known for altering time this Halloween with this superhero cosplay inspired by Mr. Strange. The three-piece set comes with the shirt, belt, and long red cape.

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

‘Squid Games’ Players

It goes without saying that Netflix’s biggest show ever is going to be an equally as popular Halloween costume this year. According to Variety, searches for white Vans (aka, the shoes each of the players wear) have risen by 7,800% since the show aired. So, if you’re on the hunt for a ‘Squid Games’ costume—like this $26 from Amazon—you’ll want to snag it ASAP.

Image: BBC.Image: BBC.

Image: BBC.

Peaky Blinders

Channel your best ’20s gang wive with a flapper girl-esque ensemble that’ll have you inspired to move and grove all night.



The Queen’s Gambit

It doesn’t take a Chess wiz to figure out how to dress up like Beth Harmon this Halloween. All you need is a collared black dress, a retro-looking red wig, and perhaps a chess piece or two to complete the look.

Courtesy of Atlantic Records.Courtesy of Atlantic Records.

Courtesy of Atlantic Records.

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion From The “WAP” Music Video

Let out your inner freak this Halloween and channel Cardi B and Ms. Megan Thee Stallion. Pick up a sexy cut-out bodysuit and add on some fishnet tights for the full effect. Bonus points if you can get a few friends to dress up as the celeb cameos. Dibs on Normani’s look!



Harry Styles At The GRAMMYs

You know the deal here: head-to-toe leather and a furry feather boa! If you’ve got a friend who is just as obsessed with Mr. Styles as you are, have them dress up as his other plaid look from the evening.

Niko Tavernise/HBO.Niko Tavernise/HBO.

Niko Tavernise/HBO.

Nicole Kidman in The Undoing

Throughout her decade’s-long career, Nicole Kidman has taught us so many lessons through the characters she’s played. Among the best? That every coat should be a statement coat. Like, her iconic outerwear throughout The Undoing series nearly distracted us from the major twist at the end. To channel your inner Grace Fraser, go as bold as possible. This green faux-fur number is exactly what we have in mind.

Courtesy of HBO Max.Courtesy of HBO Max.

Courtesy of HBO Max.

The Trio From The Sex and The City Reboot

If you have two BFFs and love all things fashion, figure out who is more of a Carrie, a Miranda or a Charlotte and dress to the nines in this fun group costume. Bonus points if a fourth friend comes as Samantha and you stage a faux-fight.

The Mega Agency.The Mega Agency.

The Mega Agency.

The New Gossip Girl Cast

I didn’t think the fashion on the new reboot of Gossip Girl could ever outdo the ‘fits on the original, but I stand corrected. This new batch of Upper East Siders really knows how to dress. The looks are still preppy but in a modern way. Think oversized button-downs layered over micro-mini skirts with white knee-high boots.

Courtesy of Geffen Records.Courtesy of Geffen Records.

Courtesy of Geffen Records.

Olivia Rodrigo From The “good 4 u” Music Video

The outfits in this music video were seriously second to none. You have the baby blue cheerleading uniform—with the latex gloves—of course, but you could also totally rock her messy-haired-plaid-skirt look, too!

Courtesy of David Crotty/Getty Images Contributor.Courtesy of David Crotty/Getty Images Contributor.

Courtesy of David Crotty/Getty Images Contributor.

Ariana Grande’s Gigantic Grammys Gown

Your gigantic cake-topper tulle skirt may not be couture, but it can still be fabulous! Other key elements of this look are the super high ponytail (obviously), platform white shoes and stunning ‘90s-inspired matte makeup. Oh, and a fiancé.

Image: Liam Daniel / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection.Image: Liam Daniel / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection.

Image: Liam Daniel / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection.

Daphne From ‘Bridgerton’

Or, honestly, any member of the cast. A pastel corset top is a must, but you can change it up a little when it comes to your skirt. I would go for something made out of tulle for a light-as-air feel that will leave you looking like the Diamond of the Season.

Courtesy of HBO & HBO Max.Courtesy of HBO & HBO Max.

Courtesy of HBO & HBO Max.

The Cast Of ‘Succession’

Are you a Kendall, a Shiv or a Roman? Suit up and find out. If you’re going for a more Cousin Greg-inspired look, wear Crocs and socks with your suit. Oh—and carry a water bottle (or two) because of IYKYK. Season three is afoot! Lastly, don’t forget your Waystar Royco merch.

Courtesy of SME; Columbia.Courtesy of SME; Columbia.

Courtesy of SME; Columbia.

Harry Styles + Phoebe Waller-Bridge from the “Treat People With Kindness” Music Video

The iconic music video features Styles and Waller-Bridge in head-to-toe white suits with sparkly tops, so that’s the direction you need to head in! If suits feel a little over-the-top, try going for a pair of white jeans with a shiny blouse.

Image: iamKevinWong.com / MEGA.Image: iamKevinWong.com / MEGA.

Image: iamKevinWong.com / MEGA.

Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox

Hollywood’s hottest It Couple doubles as a pretty amazing Halloween costume for 2021. If you’ve got a partner who’s down to play MGK, they’ll need tons of fake tattoos, and baggy tees. For the Megan Fox side of things, consider sexy bandage-style dresses, corsets and sky-high heels. Bonus points if your couple BFFs go as Kourtney and Travis.

Mark Reis/TNS/Newscom/The Mega Agency.Mark Reis/TNS/Newscom/The Mega Agency.

Mark Reis/TNS/Newscom/The Mega Agency.

The Olympic Gymnastics Team

Channel some gold-medal energy this year. You can either all buy the same leotard (sites like Amazon have tons), or go for an athlete-off-duty look by wearing matching USA-themed tracksuits. Slicked-back hair and tons of shiny eyeshadow are a must!



Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie from ‘The Simple Life’

I know that this show debuted like, 20 years ago, but it’s still a winner! Plus, fashion from the early aughts is seriously blowing up on TikTok right now, so this costume still feels fresh. It’s great if you’re in need of a last-minute look because you probably own a bunch of the pieces! Think cowboy boots, denim mini skirts and baby tees.

Courtesy of Geffen Records.Courtesy of Geffen Records.

Courtesy of Geffen Records.

Olivia Rodrigo + Talia Ryder from the “deja vu” Music Video

Yes, this is another Olivia idea! Dress up as the music video that inspired a whole TikTok trend in 2021. This costume is all about the silk headscarves and square-framed glasses. Strawberry ice cream is not necessary but will definitely earn you some bonus points.

YouTube/Taylor Swift.YouTube/Taylor Swift.

YouTube/Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Through The Ages

Have each one of your friends dress up as a Taylor Swift album. You can wear cowboy boots and a pretty dress for Fearless, all-red (plus red lipstick!) for Red, serve retro vintage vibe for 1989 or go edgy with black-on-black for Reputation….You get the picture.

Image: APEX / MEGA; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCasterImage: APEX / MEGA; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Image: APEX / MEGA; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster


TBH, you could be Jennifer Lopez and ANY of her men for Halloween and it would be amazing. Have someone else be ARod to really complete the costume.



Meghan & Harry

A very funny and smart costume if you can make it work. You just need your Harry in a gray suit, a dress that resembles Meghan’s, a faux baby bump (or the real deal, if you’re expecting), oh—and an Oprah, of course!

"The White Lotus""The White Lotus"

“The White Lotus”

Sydney Sweeney & Brittany O’Grady From ‘The White Lotus’

Put on your best-uninterested glare for the night and channel your inner Paula with your bestie, Olivia. Just don’t forget to bring your fav J.D. Salinger book as your accessory. These horrifying college gals had a book club like no other.


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