Zelina Vega posts beautiful photos showing off more of her Juri cosplay from the WWE Royal Rumble

Zelina Vega posts beautiful photos showing off more of her Juri cosplay from the WWE Royal Rumble

Plus a closer look at the custom Nikes for the character

Capcom caught just about everyone by surprise when they teamed up with the WWE this past weekend when they had Zelina Vega cosplay as Juri at the Royal Rumble at the same time she was announced to be joining Street Fighter 6 as an in-game commentator.

Outside of the ring, however, Thea Trinidad also had some beautiful photos taken of her Juri costume, which she posted online for fans to get a much better look at the highly-detailed cosplay.

Presumably taken before heading out to her match, Zelina received a professional photoshoot that confirms the wrestler wasn’t really wearing the black spider straps around her chest and arms.

Instead, Trinidad’s costume featured something of a skin-toned body suit with the straps attached to it, but doing so was probably unavoidable considering all of the stunts she’d need to perform.

Most other details of Juri’s SF6 design carried over almost identically to the real world counterpart aside from Zelina’s hair, which traded in the black for white / silver.

The final big change you may have noticed though is the addition of a custom pair of Nikes in Juri’s color, and not only that, the sneakers also feature the character on the side too.

Street Fighter 6 Director Takayuki Nakayama seems to have really enjoyed this collaboration and recently shared what appears to be the Juri phone case Vega was carrying during her Royal Rumble entrance.

“Now that I have a moment to take this all in, I’m so incredibly grateful, honored and ecstatic to say that I am apart of #StreetFighter6,” wrote Trinidad on her Instagram page. “What a dream come true AND making history by announcing this DURING one of WWE’s BIGGEST PPV’s THE ROYAL RUMBLE AS JURI!”

She also gave a shoutout to Street Fighter 6’s lead developers as well as MarkMan Julio.


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