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You can soon snag 'Dishonored 2' for free with an Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon will offer members an extra batch of PC games later this month at no extra cost. Along with a few Metal Slug titles, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection and a few others, Arcane Studios' Dishonored 2 between December 27th and January 3rd.

A few years before it unleashed , Arcane's Lyon studio developed another sneaky action-adventure game in Dishonored 2. As with the first game in the series, it enables players to be creative in how they tackle missions, depending on their preferred playstyle. You can, for instance, take a non-lethal stealthy approach or . This time around, you can play as two characters, each of which has their — Deathloop fans will certainly see some of that game's DNA here.

It's not yet clear whether Amazon will offer Dishonored 2 through Steam, the Epic Games Store or the Amazon Games app. However, it's worth noting this game is unsupported on Steam Deck. That's a bit odd, considering its decade-old predecessor should run on the handheld without any hitches. Still, a free(ish) game that's as good as Dishonored 2 is nothing to sniff at, especially if you end up looking for something to play during the holidays.

Before Dishonored 2 and the other games hit the later this month, there are a few other notable titles that members can snag at no extra cost right now as part of the regular monthly drop. Classic first-person shooter and  (from A Way Out and It Takes Two director Josef Fares) are up for grabs for another few weeks.