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Yaya Han's sexy Art Nouveau Chun-Li cosplay offers a different look at a Street Fighter classic

By John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero

03 yayachun | Yaya Han's sexy Art Nouveau Chun-Li cosplay offers a different look at a Street Fighter classic | The Paradise News

Street Fighter’s Chun-Li is not only one of Capcom’s most famous icons, she’s also one of the most commonly cosplayed characters of the fighting game genre. Despite this, the incomparable Yaya Han somehow manages to make her version of Chun stand out among the rest.

To achieve this Yaya pairs her inspired vision for costume creation with her drop dead beauty, but also goes outside the box by calling on a particular version of Chun-Li you won’t find in any of the Street Fighter games.

“I grew up playing the Street Fighter games and Chun-Li was always my go-to character!” says Yaya of the costume. “Of course I have wanted to cosplay Chun-Li for years, and have gathered an abundance of reference and no less than 3 different brands of wrestling boots for her. But before I could get to default Chun-Li, I discovered an amazing piece of art on Deviantart, by talented artist Razvan-Sedekiah.

“She designed an Art Nouveau version of Chun-Li and it was so up my alley aesthetically, I had to make the costume. I thought it was a great stylish translation of an iconic character, and as a costume project more challenging than a default Chun-Li costume would have been and still very recognizable as the character.”

Indeed, the Strongest Woman in the world has had many, many looks over the last 30 years, (the majority of which came in the form of Street Fighter 5 dlc wardrobe additions, to be sure) but this Nouvea version from back in 2009 seems to especially gel with the character and her personality.

Though she can definitely go for the hard hits with her trademark Lightning Legs attack, Chun has always had a particular flow and grace to her fighting style as also she leaps from walls, tap dances foes in midair, and shoots out kikoken fireballs.

The extra light blue fabric about this costume’s shoulders remind us of said kikoken projectiles, and overall flowery flow makes us think this might be an attire the character would wear to some kind of higher society or award/commendation event.

Yaya offers us poses of a wide variety as we see her capture both Chun’s lighter-hearted and more intense moments.

We’ve surely seen Chun tightening her spiked bracelets in preparation for battle, striking a one-legged pose as she gets ready to blast an opponent with a powerful kick, and launch into said full fledged kick, and Yaya does justice to all of these trademark moments.

Take a look through our selection of Yaya’s Art Nouveau Chun photos below (be sure to use the arrows to scroll through certain posts when available) and then hit us up in the comments with your thoughts and reactions to them. Do you hope to see this costume eventually pop up in a main Street Fighter entry?

You can Yaya’s entire portfolio (as well as purchase autographed prints and more) over at her main website. Banner Chun-Li image credit: Cirenkoyenk.

Source: Event Hubs