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Wonderland Reacts To Closure By Lagos State Government After Electrocution Of Fun Seeker

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Wonderland Lagos, an events centre, has reacted to its closure by the Lagos State Government over alleged electrocution of a fun seeker.

THE WHISTLER had on Monday reported that the Lagos State Government ordered the full closure and suspension of activities at the Kiddies section of the event centre, after a guest was electrocuted at the place.

The Director General of the Lagos State Safety Commission, Lanre Mojola in a joint inspection with the Lagos State Task Force team stated that this intervention has “become imperative to prevent further exposure of attendees, particularly kids at the venue to prevent accidents that can lead to injuires and fatalities.”

According to the Commission in a statement, Mojola further disclosed that the event venue owner – Ezekiel Adamu had refused to implement safety measures prescribed by the Commission despite several meetings at the onset of the project following an initial safety inspection exercise carried out on the venue to deliberate on safety infractions observed within the facility.

However, reacting on Tuesday, Wonderland Lagos said that before it began operation, risk assessment was carried out by the state government, adding that the supposed unfortunate incident was not reported to its officials.

The event centre informed that its attention was brought to the electrocution incident through social media, after which the management swung into action immediately to review its operational procedures and conduct its own investigations which it said, are still ongoing.

The statement read: “A video of a parent’s complaint has come to the attention of the Management team of Wonder Land at Eko Energy City, regarding a supposed open wire incident and other safety concerns.

“Wonderland is a city built for the entertainment for children, families, adults as well as businesses and one of our major responsibilities is the safety of everyone who visit or work at our entertainment city.

“Before Wonderland opened its doors, a risk assessment was conducted by Lagos State after which the entertainment city began to function.

“While we provide spaces for various vendors, regular safety checks are conducted periodicallyto ensure that our vendors are adhering to our rules, regulations, and safety policies.

“The supposed unfortunate incident was never reported to Wonderland Officials and was brought to our attention via social media, after which we jumped into action immediately to review our procedures and conduct our own investigations which are still ongoing.

“We can assure the public that no lives have been lost at Wonderland, our safety policies are intact, the safety and leisure of our customers is our topmost priority, and we are working with all of our vendors as well as Lagos State, to ensure that Wonderland is a safe space for all of our children and families.

“Children have a right to leisure, play and culture; safe parks and playgrounds are essential, and we do understand this at Wonderland.

“We have now requested another risk assessment to be conducted by Lagos State and after a successful approval, we will re-open.

“We have unfortunately been unable to identify the woman in the video. If anyone can provide us with a lead or if she can contact us urgently on [email protected] we would be most grateful.

“Wonderland will continue to strive to ensure ‘safe and high quality’ service to all of its customers.

“Thank you for your concern and patronage.”