Women who inspire Bill Gates

Women who inspire Bill Gates

At 66 years old and considered one of the most brilliant minds in the world, Bill Gates proves to be a person open to continue learning from his peers and values the causes that some defend to create better living conditions in complicated environments as is the case of five women, whose efforts he recognizes.

Through his social networks, the computer magnate dedicated some messages to those he considers examples to follow.

“I have been fortunate to meet and learn from so many agents of change. These incredible women continue to inspire me,” he notes.

Exemplary lives

Kakenya Ntaiya is a Kenyan educator, feminist and social activist who founded and chairs the Kakenya Center for Excellence, a boarding school for girls in the Maasai village of Enoosaen, where the primary objective is to reduce the 80% dropout rate among girls before the age of 12.

Brooke Brown was named Washington State Teacher of the Year for helping her students explore their identity.

She teaches ethnic studies and English to seniors at Washington High School outside Tacoma. She notes that nearly two-thirds of her students are of color.

As for Mamello Makhele, she is an African nurse in rural Lesotho who supports women in childbirth with the mission of reducing maternal mortality rates.

Permanent fighters

Shumaila Rehamani is another name that joins the list of exemplary women, as her efforts to vaccinate hundreds of children in marginalized communities in Pakistan against polio have won her the admiration of her fellow countrymen.

The last name on the list is that of Sudha Varghese, who, in Bihar, India, teaches students how to defend themselves and discover their potential to excel in adverse situations.

Source: Culled From Marca.

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