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Why the Street Fighter 6 teaser feels like a let down

It’s great that we got what we got, but Capcom easily could and should have done more

23 dis | Why the Street Fighter 6 teaser feels like a let down | The Paradise News

I am very grateful for the 38 seconds, two characters, awesome new visual style, inky color animations, and even that template logo we got for Street Fighter 6 on Sunday, but here a few days after I just can’t shake the feeling that the teaser still just wasn’t enough.

It seems many in the Street Fighter community share this sentiment, at least in part, and so this week on Talk and Block we’re diving into the particulars as to why things ultimately felt a little more bare bones than they should have.

A big part of this puzzle is community expectation, which is relatively high right now for good reason. We unofficially know Street Fighter 6 has been in development for years now, Capcom hit us with a week-long countdown timer set to coincide with the ending of their largest yearly fighting game event, and… it’s a brand new Street Fighter entry.

This was an opportunity to knock socks off, but instead wound up feeling like an approach that gave just enough effort to technically check the box. The gorgeous snippets we did get are wonderful, but it seems the community has become just as interested in discussing the game’s logo (and perhaps Ryu’s bulge) as the rest of the teaser. Needless to say, that’s not a good look.

We go into further discussion on why things felt this way and then offer up a handful of ideas that we think would have made the SF6 reveal feel more like a home run, not unlike when like when Capcom revealed Arcade Edition of Street Fighter 5.

Give the video a watch below and please chime in with your thoughts and reactions (preferably on YouTube along with a like and subscription) so as to keep this exciting new conversation going.


00:00 – Intro

01:00 – The teaser just wasn’t enough

02:34 – Why did it feel bare bones?

04:45 – The Logo

07:07 – What should they have done?