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Why OOO shielded IBB during Gideon Orkar’s coup

By Eyo Charles

Last month, specifically on Wednesday 22 April was exactly 30 years since late Major Gideon Orkar and his gang struck in a military putsh aimed at dislodging or killing General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB), the then military president of Nigeria. The coup took place on Sunday 22 April 1990. It completely devastated the then seat of Nigeria’s federal military government, Dodan Barracks, as later pictures of the military bombardment were to show. It was a great miracle that IBB as he is fondly called escaped unscathed.

Uptil now many people still cannot give accurate account as to why he escaped being killed or captured alive as the coupists’ plan was.

Some say he merely vanished or escaped through the tunnel. Yet as has been revealed by The Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, IBB was right inside one of the rooms and saw them yet the rampaging coupists couldn’t see him although they passed by at where he holed up.

The manner the seat of power was bombarded would not have left any soul inside IBB’s official residence alive.

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Despite the water-tight security around IBB, Orkar’s men had effortlessly penetrated. Intelligence could not pick any hint beforehand. The night before they struck, one of the had engaged IBB’s ADC, Col U. K. Bello in playing the game off draught during which time a member of the gang had demobilised the nearby armoured tank and other equipment, which were to aid protection of the president, without Bello’s knowledge.

Bello did not suspect the strange movements around him for these were close and supposed ‘friends’. When suddenly he heard shootings inside the offices apparently, IBB’s , it dawned on him that the many faces and deep interest in playing draught with him was untoward. As he ran into the armoured tank to counter, the man who played game of draught with him, fired him. And the other loyal officers in the elite presidential guard were caught pants down and shot.

The way was now clear. IBB’s office and home were thoroughly bombarded. The question now is why did they not see him, whereas it was very certain that IBB was present in the office late into the night even as they struck.

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Listen to what Leader Olumba Olumba Obu said about the coup few days after then Chief of Army Staff, Gen Sani Abacha rallied loyal troooss to counter the coup.

“….On the day of that coup, I was in Dodan Barrack. I shielded my son, President Babangida. He saw me. I had to pay him back.”

The Father”s words were published in detail in the NEW WORLD MAGAZINE of May/June 1990 edition published by Brotherhood Youth Fellowship and edited by a famous Nigerian journalist, now late, Umoh James Umoh. This reporter was then a member of the editorial team.

Like IBB, Father Olumba Obu usually makes all His faithful and obedient children to become invisible in the face of any planned spiritual or physical attacks. Good number have openly testified this.

It was reported then that at a time, IBB had hailed Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu in his actions.

Who else can appear in multiple places simultaneously in the world with same potency to save? Who else can make guns and ammunition ineffective.

Recall the testimony when federal forces ordered the Nigerian Air Force to bring down 26 Mbukpa street residence of Leader Obu in 1966 when He was falsely accused of habouring Biafrans. As soon as the decision was taken, the once active jet bombers refused to fly even with several trials. But once decision to send the jet elsewhere was taken, they flew effortlessly!!!

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