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Why Chief Awolowo, Kudirat Abiola spent 3 days each with Olumba Olumba Obu

By Eyo Charles

Chief Obafemi Awolowo desperately wanted to become president of Nigeria, even if it was for a day! Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola also had the same burning ambition. And so, his beloved wife, Kudirat having become convinced of the divine deity of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, like Chief Awolowo, travelled all the way and spent three days with the Super-spiritual Being at His humble abode in Calabar, Nigeria.

Ikemba of Nnewi, Lt. Col. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu who led a 3-year secessionist war in Nigeria once described late Awolowo, a former premier of Western region of Nigeria and an influential politician of his time, as ‘the best president Nigeria never had’.

Indeed Ojukwu might have been largely correct in his description of the man. Here was a politician who was held in high esteem and well loved by not only his Yoruba people but much of Nigeria. From this testimony, it has become clearer that he could not achieve his lifelong ambition because he was the architect of his own misfortune.

He had ignored the best possible advice from the Being who created, custodies and exercises all manners of power at will, and who all created and uncreated, seen and unseen, obey and take instructions from. No doubt, the number of times he tried to become Nigeria’s president were all unsuccessful.

He desired to rule Nigeria so much that at a time he was quoted to have said that if he had just a day as president of Nigeria he would shock all by the way he would transform the country. There was no doubt that he was a man reputed with fine and fantastic nationalistic and progressive ideas.

By some divine arrangement, Awolowo who himself was deeply interested in matters of spiritual science and power, heard much about Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, and was brought to meet with the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe face to face at His 34 Ambo Street world headquarters in Calabar Nigeria.

His wife, Hannah Awolowo who then lived in their family house in the Parklane area of Apapa Lagos in the early 1980s and was a dealer in petroleum products, met oftentimes with the then Apostle (now Archbishop) Isaac O. Eke.

Eke was then group accountant at Agip Oil Ltd. It was to Eke that Hannah would usually go to retire sale proceeds or to pay for new products. Being a highly spirited woman, Hannah claimed she would always see a Great Being standing by and shielding Eke at his desk. One day, she was courageous enough to ask Eke who the Being who always stood by and moved with him always, was. Of course, Eke who did not physically see the Being, himself a noted and tireless missionary crusader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, seized on the opportunity to tell her all about Leader Obu who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. Eke disclosed to Mrs Awolowo that Leader Obu is the Promised Comforter and Holy Spirit personified.

She was thrilled. Being one who was more of a spiritual guide to her dear husband, Chief Awo, she told the hubby that it was very important that he meets with Eke and also avail himself of Eke’s type of power. Of course, Awo who was said to be familiar with many places of so-called mystical powers around the world was eager to see Eke.

Awo sent for Eke. On appointed date, Eke arrived Awo’s sprawling estate in Lagos. One very special thing happened as he arrived Awo’s homestead. Whilst the gate was being opened for Eke, both Hannah and Awo could see how a Being appeared, walked ahead of Eke into the meeting hall. He actually sat with Eke as Awo interacted with him. Of course, Eke had decided to go on that visit with other BCS stalwarts such as venerable Pastor Timothy Badejoko and veteran crusader, though now late, Bishop Z. A. Kpodosu.

Throughout the interaction, unknown to Eke and his brothers, Awo mystically sized them up and saw that they may have looked ordinary yet these were spiritual giants who he can never rival. He felt like a toddler before the trio. Nevertheless, he fell in love with them – all because he was fascinated by the sheer spiritual aura that enveloped them. And because of who he was at that time Nigeria’s political time, and his ambition, he needed to familiarize himself with this power. But first, he took time to converse with Badejoko, his Yoruba compatriot. He was surprised that, from Badejoko’s testimony, his kinsmen also populate BCS. He asked Badejoko several questions just to be certain.

Pronto! He asked that Eke should lead him to the Father! A date was fixed. Eke then moved straight to 34 Ambo. His intention was to brief the Holy Father about the encounter but before he would testify, Father Olumba told Eke all that took place during the meeting, and that he was waiting to for his son, Chief Awo. The stage was then set.

Awo visited the Father during preparation for the 1983 presidential election. He had thought he was coming to see a huge, weird or important-looking magician. But alas he met a very simple, lanky, ebony Black Man, bare of feet with loin cloth and white singlet who then was sweeping his modest sitting room! Is this whom I am coming all the way to meet? Awo asked himself. But another intense look at the Being by Awo convinced him that this is not just an ordinary man!

Leader Obu, full of welcoming smiles, ushered Chief Awo into his living room, not different from any other average income earners’ apartment. The Father conversed with Awo heartily. He told him things only known to Awo alone, so that the politician was marveled and he felt at home. Awo found that the Father knew too much about him. Awo wondered if Eke or anyone else for that matter had given the Father his dossier before hand.

Awo did not eel like returning home again. He ended up spending three days with the Father! One of the three days, Father spent the entire day with him, taking him round all parts of his vestry and bed room. He availed him of BCS literature as well as divine words. Awo was shocked that Father Olumba knew too much even about his Yoruba ancestry.

What seemed to have been more of interest to the politician was when the Father spoke about his ambition to emerge as Nigeria’s leader. Father assured him of victory. But he gave him conditions. These conditions were that he must return to Ikenne, his hometown in Ogun State, burn all strange gods, amulets and talisman he had acquired from around the world, and then submit for baptism. Upon all these, the 1983 presidential would be as good as having been won. These conditions were not pleasing to the chief at all for he depended much on these items.

Awo returned to Lagos and found that all his protective assortments, including those at Ikenne had become ineffective. He had to spend much again to re-acquire new ones. Did he win the election?


Courtesy of an indigene of Issua Koko in Ondo State, Shedrach Awolumate, then a senior police officer in Nigeria but now an Archbishop in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, residing in the United States of America, Mrs Kudirat Abiola arrived 34 Ambo Street Calabar to seek spiritual held for the restoration of her husband’s ‘acclaimed electoral victory in the June 12 1993 presidential election’. She had been to everywhere possible to see where help could come for her beloved husband, Chief Abiola. She was told by discerning adepts that the only place where lasting and assured help can come is Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. She wasted no time. She got in touch with Awolumate.

Warmly received by the Being whom she initially doubted was the one she heard much about, she ended up spending three days with him. Without allowing her to detail out her mission, Leader Obu directed Kudirat to return to Lagos and bring Chief Abiola. Kudirat said to herself if it was merely bringing the husband, it was simple. But she was shocked to see the husband flared up. He frowned that she, a wife of an internationally acclaimed Muslim leader and business mogul, could go before ‘an illiterate Calabar man’. He threatened fire and brimstone, saying it was insulting for him.

He threatened to dismiss Awolumate from the police force and proscribe Brotherhood of the Cross and Star if the leadership failed to issue a public apology in writing! He threatened law suit against this reporter who wrote the report in the New World Magazine and the editor-in-chief, Umoh James Umoh.

Few days after, he went to declare himself the winner of the said at Isaale Eko in Lagos when a no-nonsense military dictator, Gen Sani Abacha was now in firm control of the Federal Military Government. Abiola was arrested and charged with treasonable felony. Many years in military dungeons, he did not come out alive. Who challenges God and lives?

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