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Why are we being fooIish?

Why are we being fooIish?


Jonathan Asake, President of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU). 

I had tried not to join conversations on the controversy surrounding the decision of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), President’s decision to join the Kaduna State Governorship race, but found it distressing that our Southern Kaduna people are as confused as ever. 

Look at the way almost everyone is talking about voting candidates and not party when it comes to the presidential election.

I see posts from people saying they will vote for Peter Obi, despite knowing the Labour Party is like a Keke competing against APC (Lamborghini) and PDP (Ferrari). It is obvious Obi has no chance based on this analogy. However, we say it’s not about the capability of the cars, but the one with enough fuel to complete the race.

In this case, Obi is expected to have the needed fuel (supporters) more than the other platforms. In other words, it all boils down to the people and not the party. This is a welcome development.

But what I fail to understand is why Southern Kaduna people do not see the decision of Comrade Jonathan Asake, to contest for the governorship election in the state as a good development. I see people outrightly condemning the move as a waste of time and and an attempt to make victory easy for the APC since southern Kaduna votes would be divided among PDP and Asake’s Labour.

I consider it beyond disgraceful that out people would rather support another Muslim government in Kaduna State by voting Ashiru who has no connection with the South, nor would he turn against the broader agenda of his religion, in favor of our people.

Why are our people being killed? Why has our region been backwards? Aren’t we the ones shouting from the rooftop that a jihad is being carried out against our people? Aren’t we the ones crying of persecution and wanton destruction against our region and people?

How then is supporting Ashiru any different from supporting APC? Because of a Muslim-Muslim ticket? Didn’t El-Rufai had a Christian as a deputy when destruction befell our beloved Southern Kaduna? Was the deputy any effectual?

I do not understand the logic of subjecting ourselves to more years of Muslim rule, except that our people accept being worthless, or are politically incapable of fighting for their region. In which case, have gave in to perpetual slavery. It could also be that our people value their own pockets, I mean what they stand to gain by being card carrying members of the APC or PDP, than the salvation of their region.

If we believe Obi is more important than the platform, why can’t we see Asake in same manner? In case you don’t know, I personally see Kaduna State election as more important than the presidential election. Irrespective of who is at the top, a good governor can effectively manage his state well. We know our issues. We know what we have endured over the years. If anyone believes PDP in Kaduna State is the solution to our southern Kaduna woes, then they should vote for what they believe. But, personally, I’d rather we have another APC government in the State, than vote against my own people.

If PDP had fielded Shehu Sani as its candidate, I would have given it a second thought, at least, considering the fact that Sani has connection with the South, and understands their situation. Not that a politician can be trusted, but at least, you support someone who understands your concerns.

If Muslims in the state chose to vote for APC once again after all the troubles we both suffered under the El-Rufai government, it shows they value their religion more than their own lives. Why are we being so foolish then? Learning nothing after all we had endured? 

This is my take, and it’s a personal opinion.

Source: National Pivot

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