While Mikel Arteta shouted at Ben White as Fabio Vieira Arsenal prediction close to coming true

While Mikel Arteta shouted at Ben White as Fabio Vieira Arsenal prediction close to coming true

Tough start for Kiwior

After two months Jakub Kiwior had almost passed without a trace during his time at Arsenal. Aside from 45 minutes for the under-21s there had been precious little playing time for the Polish international who surprised us all with his speedy arrival in January from Spezia.

Thursday night was finally to be his time to shine though as Mikel Arteta opted to give him the nod. As he reflects on his first appearance on in Arsenal shirt though, Kiwior may have wished it had gone a little better.

Living up to the example that Gabriel has set is no mean feet, but Kiwior struggled to assert the same air of invincibility that the Brazilian has carried in recent weeks. Instead his positioning was questionable at times, and it appeared as though he was taking a while to still figure his teammates out. This is all totally forgivable on his first outing in nearly two months, but the nadir of a disappointing debut came in the concession of Sporting’s first goal.

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As the hosts’ corner was whipped in Kiwior failed to even challenge, allowing Goncalo Inacio a free header into the net. A mix up with Turner could easily have been to blame for that given the way the Pole seemed to actively not go for the cross, but Arteta certainly seemed frustrated with the outcome.

“I don’t know what it was,” the Spaniard said of the potential mix up in his post-match press conference. “It happened in a split second but for sure in that space somebody cannot have a free header and concede a goal.”

In fairness to Kiwior he did recover to have some positive moments, and that passing range that we saw in the 21s match was on display. Arteta’s penchant for centre halves who play on their stronger side means that if something were to happen to Gabriel then Kiwior would be the next in line to play, so throwing the Pole in here was the right call. He’ll learn from a relatively low stakes first appearance, and hopefully look to kick on to more convincing displays from here on out.


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