Which trophy should Arsenal be targetting this season?

Which trophy should Arsenal be targetting this season?

When you look at the current Arsenal side, you would not have thought that they won an FA Cup 2 seasons ago, and that Mikel Arteta is still the manager of the football club despite not securing any European places last season.

Basically, the only 3 titles Arsenal have a shot at winning are the Premier League, The EFL Cup and the FA Cup. It is all going to be domestic for the Gunners this season and the one competition they have the best chance in is the League Cup.

We spent the most money out of any club in England. So realistically, the Gunners should be expected to at least win one trophy. The EFL Cup will not be an easy competition.

Manchester City have won it for 4 out of last 5 seasons and would most likely win it again but Arsenal have all the tools they need to beat them to it.

We can all currently agree that winning the EPL is just out of reach for this present Arsenal, considering the strength of the teams fighting for the PL title. With that being said, the fact that the Gunners will not be playing any continental football this season as they failed to qualify for the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League. This gives them a huge advantage over the bigger teams; eg the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool, to beat them for the League cup.

They will have no need to always rest players and will undoubtedly have a fitter squad then most top clubs who are in Europe.

Fighting for the league title will not be an easy task for Arteta and his team even with the added advantage of not playing in Europe

They also definitely have a chance at winning the FA Cup but there will be a lot of heavy hitters vying for that more prestigious competition, especially the likes of Manchester United who are extremely desperate for a trophy after a 4-year drought.

Other than the most important target of reaching the Top Six, I think we should take no chances and go all out to win the League Cup.

What do you think?

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