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Where does Luke rank on Street Fighter 5's tier list right now?

12 top | Where does Luke rank on Street Fighter 5's tier list right now? | The Paradise News

Luke has been out for about a month and a half now, which means we’re starting to get a decent idea of where he might land on Street Fighter 5’s overall tier list. The 45th and final character has been very popular, garnering almost 12% of the overall attention players gave to the roster in December.

It seems fairly unanimous that Luke is a relatively strong fighter in SF5, but just how good is he? Perhaps he ranks in the top 10? Maybe even in the top 5? We aim to get as clear an idea as possible (as well as offer some of our own opinions) on this week’s show.

Popularity amongst fresh characters is to be expected, but proficiency is another thing. Luke won both NLBC and WNF just three days after his release, and has won every WNF since he dropped (two different players have won with him). We’ve seen many of the pros play him longer than just to get a general feel about him, and BST|Daigo Umehara is heavily considering him as a new main over Guile.

What’s more, The Beast went as far as to say he thinks Luke might be top 5, though we’ve come to know Daigo to be somewhat cavalier with these kinds of statements, so we’re taking it with a grain of salt.

Where many of the previous top tiers have boasted conspicuously overpowered attacks and/or maneuvers, I’d argue Luke has a whole bunch of “B+” rankings across his stats. Things like his neutral, V-Trigger, and damage output, are all above average, though none of them hit with the same ferocity as, say, Laura’s S2 standing medium kick and VT, Menat and Abigial’s S3 V-Triggers, or most of Urien’s moves in Season 2.

Luke’s potential seems to be greater than the sum of his parts, however, as his abilities gel really well with one another. His zoning, for instance, feeds into his neutral play and vice-versa. He doesn’t seem to have any overbearingly exploitable weaknesses, yet, and so it very well might be “the sky’s the limit” for him, but it’s still early.

Jump into our video discussion below to hear the particular thoughts, arguments, and opinions we have at this point in time. Then hit us up in the comments, (preferably on YouTube) with your own.


00:00 – Intro

04:04 – Luke’s popularity compared to others

06:18 – Performance thus far

10:22 – Discussing potential weaknesses

12:09 – Daigo’s views and performance with Luke

14:09 – The underlying reason Luke is so powerful

18:49 – Can he beat out established top tiers?