When being a bully in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate goes horribly wrong

When being a bully in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate goes horribly wrong

It’s rarely a bad thing when a skilled player gets into a match and flexes a little bit with a complex and intricate set up or combo. However, there’s a fine line to walk there, and if the player goes too far with said swag, they can easily come off as a bully instead.

Such was the case in this impressive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate clip from REALOranguBang on Twitter in which a Kazuya player went a bit too far with the swag against the footage uploader’s Donkey Kong. Fortunately, the Kazuya was punished for their crimes.

The clip starts off with Donkey Kong already ensnared in a combo from the Tekken representative that completely locks the ape down. We see Kazuya keep repeating the same two attacks over and over again, and due to the high percentage DK has and the fact that this combo only works on big bodies (which DK is), the lovable Kong remains trapped in the combo as long as Kazuya can keep landing the attacks properly.

It’s unclear how long DK was trapped in this sequence before the footage started, but at the very start we see 296% racked up already. The Kazuya player keeps Donkey Kong trapped until he reaches a whopping 442%, which any Smash player or fan can tell you is absolute overkill.

Surprisingly, the aggressor is unable to close out the game with a KO despite launching DK upward and finally releasing him from his infinite hell. There’s an important rule to remember in fighting games… don’t play with your food and make sure to finish your plate.

Leaving DK alive gave him an opportunity to come back and seek revenge — and that is exactly what he did. The Donkey Kong player recovered from the launcher and came down with a big charge punch, knocking Kazuya off the stage, then finishing the job with a ground pound for the spike.

This KO brought Kazuya down to his last stock, and DK still had his work cut out for him with that 442% damage still on the board. After a handful of slick maneuvers and combos, and even a parry of Kazuya’s eye laser, the Donkey Kong player managed to mount the full comeback and take out the opponent for good.


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