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What happened to Dead or Alive 6 to turn the series from a rising bounce into a resounding flop?

Matt McMuscles explores the short development, poor marketing and other issues leading to the small life of DOA6

09 dead alive what happened | What happened to Dead or Alive 6 to turn the series from a rising bounce into a resounding flop? | The Paradise News

Dead or Alive was a fighting game franchise that Xbox fans held over the heads of PlayStation and Nintendo owners during the 2000’s for its action to rival Tekken, connections to Ninja Gaiden and of course sexy babes — but DOA may soon be known solely for its fan service-filled spin-offs.

Content creator Matt McMuscles just released the latest episode in his “What Happened?” series to explore the disappointing flop that is / was Dead or Alive 6

After Dead or Alive 5 pushed the franchise to new popularity heights by reaching 12 million downloads, Koei Tecmo began work on the sequel in December 2017. Some of that game’s biggest issues, however, would seep into the core of DOA6.

Koei Tecmo would reveal the title just 6 months later with a seeming focus on it being a more “serious” fighting game contender to try and shake off the stigma of DOA being that one series with the bouncing boobies.

This apparent push to try and break into the more mainstream eSports market left longtime fans concerned that DOA would lose all of its unique elements in favor of a more sanitized look.

The game’s marketing would try and bounce back and placate fans by saying the sexiness was still there, but it felt to many that Tecmo was talking out of both sides of their mouth.

Dead or Alive 6 released in early 2019 to middling reviews and sales, and things wouldn’t really get any better over its short lifespan.

The egregious DLC strategy of DOA5 came back in full force along with tedious unlocking grinds for the new game that saw 4 Season Passes That could reach as high as $90+ as well as the infamous hair color DLC fiasco.

Support for DOA6 would end after just slightly more than a year post-release, and the future prospects of the series grew even darker in 2021 when Producer Yohei Shimbori announced his departure from Koei Tecmo after 16 years.

Meanwhile, the fan service-filled Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation, which first released in 2017, is still receiving new DLC, so this may well be the direction the franchise is taking moving forward.

You can check out Matt McMuscles’s full breakdown on the DOA debacle below, and you may even see a few quick cameos of someone familiar about the alleged cancelation of Dead or Alive 7.

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