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We Spoke To Julie Adenuga About Her Collaboration With eBay X OG Drops, And Her Love Of Sneakers

Seasoned: Hi Julie! Tell us, what is the eBay X OG Drops collection all about?

Julie: The biggest thing with the collection is that it puts the enjoyment back into buying shoes. OG Drops puts a really good spin on us evolving, but in a way that makes sense to the people that really want to be a part of buying footwear. If you’ve seen sneakers you like, you get it at a good price, and know they’re real.

Seasoned: You clearly love sneakers and you grew up with brothers – is that where your love for trainers began, or were you influenced by something else?

Julie: I have three brothers and I specifically remember my oldest brother once telling me that I was not allowed to wear jogging bottoms with shoes – as in actual church shoes – but he wouldn’t explain why. It was one of the first rules I remember being told as a child. I wouldn’t say my love for sneakers were influenced by my brothers, but my love of style and fashion definitely was. When it comes to sneakers, I was influenced by popular culture; Dizzee Rascal from Boy In Da Corner and Lily Allen when she use to wear dresses and Air Max 90s come to mind.

Source: BuzzFeed.