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‘We must put a job in every home': Maimane launches Build One SA party

By [email protected] (Kgothatso Madisa)

Former DA leader Mmusi Maimane wants to put at least one job in every home.

Launching his new political party, Build One SA (Bosa), in Naledi, Soweto, on Saturday, Maimane said it would be his mission to ensure that people’s dignity is restored through jobs.

“The dream that I hold for this country is a dream upon which not only is our education improving but we have an economy that will put a job in every home. No, you didn’t hear me. I want to put a job in every home in this country,” Maimane said. “Why a job is important is because a job gives you dignity, it lets you feel that you are working somewhere, it gives you an income in the home.”

Maimane said he plans on doing this by developing township economies by empowering and providing capital to small businesses.

“Now people say, ‘how are you going to do that?’ I want township economy to be reinvigorated by setting up capital so that businesses can be started in the townships, digital companies can work in our communities, cooks, builders, all the people,” he said. 

“I want our families to work closer to home because when you work closer to home you can see your children in the morning, see them in the afternoon and know their dignity is protected, we gotta put a job in every home.”

Maimane is planning to contest the 2024 national general elections as the party’s presidential candidate.

“I’m not just standing for president, but I want the best cabinet in 2024 that is made up of people from different places that can say ‘we work for the people, not against the people’.

“I am tired of corruption at leadership [level]. We gotta get leaders who work for the people, we have to get a president who is accountable to the people, we have to get a president who stays awake all the time. It’s time to build.”

The One SA Movement (OSA), which Maimane formed in January 2020, three months after leaving the DA, will remain a civic organisation campaigning for radical change to the country’s electoral laws, including allowing independent candidates and community-based organisations to contest national and provincial elections.

Maimane, who once said there was no need for more political parties in SA, told the Sunday Times on Friday that because the Electoral Act had not changed sufficiently to allow independents to stand, he was forced to go the political-party route.

“I guaranteed South Africans that I would stand, but they [parliament] have made it impossible for me to stand for a presidential election without amending the law. That’s why we need the platform,” he said.

He said the party — or platform — would give power back to the people, who would coalesce under the umbrella body to bring about change.

“I am standing for that,” he said.

He told attendees at the launch that should voters give Bosa a mandate to govern at the elections, he will ensure there is focus on entrepreneurship, safety and healthcare, among others.

“I’m telling you when Build One SA is on the table we will give you capital so that your business moves from just servicing people in townships and service people of this country so that more can be done by the people of SA,” he said.

Maimane said the party would pay close attention to crime, telling tsotsis that their days of running amok would end.

On health, Maimane said: “We are going to put a health plan together that ensures that even from a primary level clinics work for the people.”

South African healthcare was failing and changes had to be made “before we have leaders who have to go overseas to get healthcare. Where will we go? When the leaders have to go to Russia to get healthcare, where do you and I go?”

“Fellow South Africans, now is the time to build SA. I want the best doctors, the best nurses, the best teachers to be well rewarded, well paid so they can build this country of ours,” he said.

additional reporting by Andisiwe Makinana

Source: TimesLIVE