Watch the trailer for the final season of ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’

Watch the trailer for the final season of ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’

Wu-Tang Clan have shared a trailer for the final season of their biographical drama series, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, which is set to air on Hulu in just over a month.

Created by Wu-Tang member RZA in tandem with screenwriter Alex Tse, the show was initially pegged as a 10-episode miniseries, chronicling the earliest days of the legendary rap collective. Airing in late 2019, it was an immediate smash-hit, and a second season was greenlit to stream in 2021.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga will now end with its third season, streaming weekly on Hulu from February 15. In a statement given to Rolling Stone, RZA said: “This season deals with various elements of hip-hop culture through the eyes of the Wu-Tang Clan and its surrounding family.

“We explore the music, the fashion, the entrepreneurial elements, and that pioneering spirit that the hip-hop art form generates. We also explore the imagination and inspiration that the music invoked into the youth. We do this all while navigating the complex relationships that success spawns.”

On how the series’ end will honour Wu-Tang’s undying legacy, the multi-hyphenate added: “Being a founder and abbot of the Wu I’m always optimistic about our legacy. We set out on A journey in 1993 with [‘Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’] and that journey continues 30 years later and we created 30 episodes of [TV and] cinema to expound upon our art, music, life joys and life struggles.”

Have a look at the trailer for season three of Wu-Tang: An American Saga below:

Meanwhile, Wu-Tang recently released an extremely limited – and suitably pricey – book called Legacy. It’s limited to just 36 copies, with each coming encased in a 400-pound steel chamber. Every copy is also handcrafted to order, and will run fans an insane $360,000 (£298,872).

Last April, ‘Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’ was archived in the US’ Library Of Congress. It came shortly after the announcement of a documentary focussed on late member Ol’ Dirty Bastard, co-produced by his widow Icelene Jones.


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