WATCH | Mlambo battles questions on sexual harassment, Ramaphosa bias in chief justice interview

During his designated time to share his vision if appointed chief justice, Justice Mlambo shared an extensive list of seven pillars of his vision which included in part effective and visible leadership within the judiciary, the introduction of efficiency measures into judicial operations and the modernisation of the courts which he said, if appointed, he would “champion” to influence his colleagues within the courts.

Several questions of his coherence in making rulings in high profile cases were brought forward. When asked by commissioner Griffiths Madonsela whether he favoured the Ramaphosa administration based on trends seen in how he litigated cases of the previous administration, Mlambo said, “The generalisation is unfortunate and unfair.”

Mlambo said he “valued his independence, impartiality and open-mindedness”.

The JSC will interview acting chief justice Raymond Zondo on Friday.


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