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WATCH | Kruger National Park elephant captured in 'rare' birth sighting

By [email protected] (Kgaugelo Masweneng)

“There is safety in numbers hence other cows surrounding the new mother. The sounds are also to frighten any predator nearby. The trumpeting and rumblings announce the arrival of a new member to the other members of the herd.

“Often cows will gather around the cow that is giving birth. It does excite a herd. There are benefits as when cows gather around like this it can limit predators like hyenas taking a chance trying to get to the placenta and afterbirth when they may injure a calf. Birth sightings are rare,” Phaahla said.

In the video the other females can be seen scouring and scratching the ground. Phaahla said this was to cover the blood and deter predators from smelling it.

He said though the process may be painful for the mother, the animal is resistant and the birth is quick.

“The cow will most likely remove any tissue and so forth with her trunk. The birth is typically quick, probably less than an hour,” he added.


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Source: TimesLIVE