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Warriors unveil unique new uniforms with yellow rose celebrating women’s suffrage

By Michael Nowels

The Warriors are pushing the art form of basketball jerseys with their new women’s suffrage-themed city edition uniform unveiled Thursday and set to be worn in Friday’s home game against the Cavaliers.

Oakland artist Allison Hueman designed the 2022-23 city edition jerseys, which earned the approval of Warriors superstar Steph Curry during the process.

“It’s dope,” said Curry, who’s worked with Hueman on several project, including designing a community center in Oakland four years ago. “To be able to design our jerseys and obviously in terms of women’s empowerment and the story behind the details of the jersey, it’s loud but it’s pretty dope.”

The center of the jersey features Art Deco lettering in a nod to Bay Area landmarks, as well as a line-drawn yellow rose. But the eye-catching portion of the design is lower: A photorealistic yellow rose at the base of the jersey, slightly fading as it moves up the abdomen.

The yellow rose is a symbol of the American women’s suffrage movement that culminated just over a century ago in finally allowing women the right to vote. With the directive to create a jersey focused on women’s empowerment, Hueman latched onto the rose, which happened to feature one of the Warriors’ team colors.

“I am so proud that we will use our uniform, one of the most visible assets of this franchise, to empower girls and women around the world,” Warriors chief marketing officer Jen Millet said in a team release.

As for the black base of the jersey, Hueman wanted to create contrast with a color she says is associated with masculinity.

Source: Paradise Post