Warrington Guardian Best Of 2022 top ten gym and fitness instructors revealed

Warrington Guardian Best Of 2022 top ten gym and fitness instructors revealed

NOMINATIONS have been flooding in over the weekend for the best fitness or gym instructor in Warrington – and it’s time to reveal our shortlist.

After launching our new Best of 2022 competition in the Warrington Guardian at the end of April, we wanted to know who you think is the best gym or fitness instructor.

Ashleigh Hair and Beauty was the first winner in our Best of 2022 competition in Warrington and they took the Best for Hair title.

Next came To Pie For, who officially make Warrington’s best pie and The Pink Room is Best for Nails in the town.

The latest round of voting took place last weekend as we searched for the best pub with The Seven Woods in Westbrook coming out on top.

Now we need your help to choose the winner in the Best Gym or Fitness Instructor category from our ten shortlisted nominees.

There are three ways to vote:

1. Search for the Best Of post on our Warrington Guardian Facebook or Instagram pages and comment under the post with the name of your winner = 1 vote

2. Name your favorite in the comments section on this article via our website = 2 votes

3. Purchase a copy of this week’s Warrington Guardian (May 26 edition) and fill in the entry form = 5 votes

(* NB For newspaper entries, email a screenshot of the completed entry form to [email protected] – please note that only original copies will be accepted. More than one entry can be submitted per person but you will be asked to provide your own unique reference code for each entry to avoid duplication eg if your name is Smith you may wish to write Smith123 or HS21! as your code. You will need to provide a different code for each entry submitted. For full terms and conditions go to

Voting officially opens today, Thursday, and closes at midnight on Monday.

We will be announcing the winner next week.

Keep an eye out for our next Best Of appeal on our social media pages on Friday, when we will be asking readers to nominate the best fish and chip shop in Warrington.


Kelly James @ Studio 1

We were inundated with nominations for Kelly James as her clients’ messages flooded our inbox.

One satisfied customer said: “She’s brilliant and makes sure all her trainers are too.

“Her courses are so much fun and everyone is so inspiring”

Another said: “Kelly has a fantastic gym set up, with a clear vision and structure that helps and guides you through your transformation every step of the way.

“Her commitment and dedication are like no other.”

Praise for Kelly also included the way she has transformed how people not only train but also eat with her courses and classes re-educating clients in what to eat and how to exercise.

One nomination said: “Kelly is hard working dedicated and gives you help and advice around the clock.

“The results speak for themselves and the vibe at the studio is brilliant.

“She would be a worthy winner.”

For more details go to

Kelly James (Fitness Photography – Matt Marsh Photography)

Clare Mannion, She Is Strong Fitness

Clare was a popular vote with readers as nominations said: “she’s an inspiration and has worked wonders for women not just in Warrington but further afield too”.

One happy client said: “Nothing is out of your reach as she is there to encourage, support and guide you through.”

Another nomination said: “She offers help and advice about nutrition and physical and mental health.

“What she has built has provided many women with focus and time for themselves, making new friendships, trying new things and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

“She is constantly expanding her knowledge in all areas of women’s health with recent focus on menopause and peri menopause.”

Clare has 30 years of fitness and wellbeing experience and “is always one step ahead”.

For more details go to

Care Mannion

Clare Mannion

Joss Tomlinson from Grade1PT

Joss also received a long list of nominations and had to make our top ten.

One nomination said: “Joss is a fantastic motivator and knows his stuff.

“I’ve witnessed him training experienced gym goers to reach targets.

“I’ve experienced him training me as a beginner and making me feel like an athlete who can achieve anything!

“His experience in nutrition specifically for women is a great asset, and he always goes above and beyond to help.”

Joss is able to help clients who have previous injuries and help them on their road back to fitness with one happy client saying he created a personal training program for them following a serious knee injury and while they waited for surgery.

Another said: “I have always found Joss encouraging, professional and extremely knowledgeable.

“He always made the sessions fun and informative.”

For more details go to

Joss Tomlinson

Joss Tomlinson

The Female Fitness Academy

With clients coming back from injury and able to run the London Marathon, The Female Fitness Academy was a definite contender for our shortlist.

One nomination said: “I would not have made it without their expertise, advice and support.

“The company and its trainers are incredible and they have given me the knowledge to keep my body and my mind fit and healthy.

“As my body is aging, they have given me confidence to continue with their program, enabling me to be more active.”

For more details go to

The Female FItness Academy

The Female Fitness Academy

Nic Chorley Rae or Rae of Fitness

Nic had daily challenges throughout the national lockdowns which proved to be a great motivation for her clients.

Praise for Nic focused on her experience and her ability to gear training to suit individuals’ needs.

She boosts personal confidence as well as fitness levels and “goes above and beyond for everyone”.

One nomination said: “Her group sessions are tailored and supportive and fun.

“We do not even realize how hard we are working.”

Another said: “I’ve had a few PTs over the years but would vote for Nic for her absolute commitment to her work while always having a smile on her face.

“She’s a great motivator, which is what I need to go back again and again.”

For more details go to

Nic Chorley Rae

Nic Chorley Rae

Sarah Smith Dance and Fitness

Sarah had nominations and recommendations from clients – children and parents alike – as she runs classes for people of all ages and abilities at Great Sankey LiveWire Hub and the community hall at Chapelford Primary School.

With Zumba kids, street dance and cheer for the youngsters and Zumba and Clubbercise for adults, there is something for everyone’s exercise and fitness needs.

One nomination said: “I’ve been doing Sarah’s classes on and off for years – between having my children – and she has always been brilliant at keeping everyone motivated.

“She lets us go at our own pace and shows us the variations of moves to challenge ourselves so there is a fantastic atmosphere in class with so many different ages and backgrounds.

“How she runs so many classes, juggles her three children and even manages to arrange social events for us all is amazing.

“We’re all such good friends now and we met through Sarah’s classes.”

Sarah is “motivational and enthusiastic” who “puts 100% into every class” and “is a real star” leaving attendees wanting more.

She “goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and is totally committed to her classes”.

For more details go to

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Chris Berry at Berry Fit

Chris’ happy clients say she “always puts people at ease so you enjoy your sessions” and she “tailors workouts to the individual with lots of variation in each session”.

One nomination said: “Sessions are fabulous for both physical and mental health.

“Chris really cares about her clients’ welfare, setting goals and helping you to hit targets so you feel fabulous.”

Another said: “Chris is so passionate about fitness and incredibly patient.

“She makes the training sessions I have with her so fun and is always thinking of new ways to make it fresh.

“As a busy mum herself, she completely understands the pressures of trying to stay fit while looking after a family and holding down a full-time job.

“Our fitness sessions are more than just about keeping fit – it’s also about maintaining a positive mental wellbeing.”

For more details go to

Chris Berry

Chris Berry

Nathan Kennedy Personal Training

When the first nomination reads “training with him has been the best decision I made”, Nathan must be doing something right with his clients.

They make progress with adapted programs and are given advice on nutrition as well as exercise and fitness.

One nomination said: “Nathan listens to his clients and treats us all as individuals before designing a plan that works for each of us.

“He goes above and beyond and has built a community that helps and supports each other.”

For more details go to

Nathan Kennedy

Nathan Kennedy

Sophia Butler at Anytime Fitness in Stockton Heath

Sophia has the ability to change people’s views of fitness and exercise and helps to encourage customers to want to workout.

One nomination said: “I’ve never been a huge fan of going to the gym and doing classes, however last year I actually changed my mindset and that was purely down to Sophia.

“Going to her classes on a Wednesday and Thursday were hard work but so rewarding and fun to do.

“I’ve never felt as supported as I did there and I would highly recommend Sophia.”

Another said: “Sophia is a great booster of confidence and a skilled and supportive personal trainer.

“She has transformed my attitude to gym exercise and I can not thank her enough.”

For more details go to

Sophia Butler and her colleagues

Sophia Butler and her colleagues

Vicky Loftas PT

Vicky has motivation is bundles to keep her clients on track at her bootcamp sessions.

One happy customer said: “No matter what age or fitness level you are, there’s always something you can do.

“She boosts our confidence and is extremely supportive.”

Another added: “I get fit and healthy and socialize at the same time – it’s great!”

Clients smile through their workouts and one, who has personal 1: 1 sessions with Vicky at her home, said she makes getting fit seem easy and nothing like a chore.

She said: “Vicky has a really positive attitude and is very encouraging so it’s made a huge difference to my mental and physical wellbeing.

“I needed the push and now the sky’s the limit!”

For more details go to

Vicky Loftas

Vicky Loftas

Source: Healthy Duck.

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