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Wait what? Capcom vs. SNK's music contains audio from a Brazilian beer commercial?

24 capcom snk beer commercial | Wait what? Capcom vs. SNK's music contains audio from a Brazilian beer commercial? | The Paradise News

Those on social media lately, especially Twitter, may have seen a post floating around from SuperPodSaga that asks the internet about the most “useless piece of video game knowledge” they know, which brought in a ton of responses for obscure yet fascinating facts about titles we’ve been playing for years, including some fighting games.

One of the strangest answers we’ve seen regarding the genre though is Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000’s use of an audio sample from a Brazilian beer commercial of all things.

As shared by unseven, the theme on CvS’ Options menu includes a few lines from an old Kaiser beer advertisement in Brazil, which is of course in Portuguese.

The dialogue is said to basically translate to, “Kaiser, a great beer, the beer of the happy moments,” which was reportedly a slogan for the brand at the time.

This isn’t really a new discovery, however, as fans have noted the sample’s existence well over a decade ago — although in my 10+ years in the FGC, I and likely many others had never heard about it before.

What’s perhaps most interesting about the Brazilian audio isn’t its actual inclusion in the game, but how it allegedly got there.

My first guess was it came from a sample CD floating around Japan at the time, which is how we got Adam West’s Batman in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, though that doesn’t seem to be the case.

There’s multiple claims on the internet that the sample was first used by a Brazilian DJ broadcasting in Japan, and Capcom allegedly liked the clip enough to put into CvS (potentially without contacting the DJ or Kaiser).

We’ve found no official or demonstratively trustworthy source confirming these origins, so we can’t take it as solid fact — though that is certainly an interesting story if true.

You can watch the original commercial the Capcom vs. SNK for Kaiser beer below, which is labeled as coming out in 1987.