Viral image – Conspiracy theories about Disney abound after Florida law controversy

Viral image – Conspiracy theories about Disney abound after Florida law controversy

Myths and conspiracy theories about Walt Disney and his namesake Disneyland have long abounded on the internet, but they’ve heated up recently since the Disney company’s chief executive criticized a Florida law that curbs classroom instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Among other claims about “Walt Disney the dark occultist” and “Disney’s magical Kingdom,” a recent Facebook post said that “Disneyland estates have been used for MK-ULTRA mind control, human trafficking, occult rituals, and parading sexual deviants.”

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While Disney biographer Neal Gabler once said “the truth about Walt Disney seems much more complicated and nuanced than either his enemies or supporters would have you believe,” we couldn’t find credible evidence that Disney is using its theme parks for MK-Ultra, a Cold War-era CIA mind control program, human trafficking, occult rituals, or sexual deviancy. 

In March, news broke that four Disney employees were among 108 people arrested in connection with an undercover human trafficking operation in Florida. One of those employees is accused of sending inappropriate pictures of himself and messages to an undercover detective posing as a 14-year-old girl, and two others were charged with prostitution. But there was no indication these alleged crimes occurred at Disney resorts. 

We’ve previously fact-checked and found false the claim that Disney CEO Bob Chapek was arrested for human trafficking. 

Under scrutiny, these theories are just that. We rate this post False.


Source: PolitiFact.

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