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Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s Love Story: How They Found Each Other and Built a Strong Marriage

– Viola Davis and Julius Tennon met on the set of “City of Angels” in 1999 and got married in June 2003.
– Davis prayed to find a partner like Tennon, asking for specific qualities like a big Black man from the South, someone who has been married and has kids, among others.
– The couple cofounded their own production company in 2011 called JuVee Productions and have a daughter named Genesis. They have managed to maintain the spark in their marriage by staying committed to the everyday tasks.

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Viola Davis and Julius Tennon may just have one of the most romantic Hollywood love stories of all time. The talented actors first met on set in 1999 while working on “City of Angels,” and the two quickly fell in love. They married in June 2003, and in 2022, Davis shared their love story during Oprah Winfrey’s Netflix Special, “Oprah + Viola: A Netflix Special Event.” Davis revealed that she had specifically prayed for a partner like Tennon, listing off her ideal qualities, including asking for “a big Black man from the South.”

Over the course of their 20-plus-year romance, Davis and Tennon have been incredibly supportive of one another, both onscreen and off. The couple have worked together in films such as 2015’s “Lila & Eve” and the upcoming movie “Air.” They have attended numerous Hollywood events together and are business partners, having founded their production company, JuVee Productions, in 2011. The couple coproduced Davis’s shows “The First Lady” and “The Woman King,” and they share a 12-year-old daughter named Genesis.

Davis and Tennon have managed to keep the spark in their marriage over the years. According to Davis, it’s all about the little things. “It’s about the everyday,” she told People in 2016. “I think that’s what people forget when they fall in love with someone and it’s exciting. You have to get back to the everyday — the taking the garbage out, the cooking, the cleaning — and it’s something that I think really works with me and my husband.”

Their love story is a testament to the power of prayer and the importance of everyday romance. Davis and Tennon have built a beautiful life together, and their love only seems to grow stronger with each passing year.


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