University Course Developer (Accounting) at Miva Open University

University Course Developer (Accounting) at Miva Open University

Job Description

As a University Course Developer, you will be responsible for creating video lessons based on modules within the First Year courses for the several Bachelor of Science degrees at Miva Open University.

Your specific roles will include:

Develop, design and create course curricula, content, materials, and assessments for online learning.
Collaborate with subject matter experts and instructional designers to identify course goals and objectives.
Utilise instructional design principles and adult learning theories to create and deliver engaging and effective course content.
Ensure course content is aligned with industry standards and accreditation requirements.
Curate scripts and slides for video lessons covering a full semester’s work in the Department of Accounting.
Studio recording of greater or equal to 24 short video lessons (7-10 minutes) with overviews course units, another greater or equal to 36 longer video lessons with slides (40-50 minutes), with deep dives into units within course modules. Total studio time is estimated to be around 60 hours. Your contract will also factor in planning, preparation and evaluation hours (PPE).
Curate assessment items consisting of quizzes and discussions for self-reflection and tutor grading.

Other Information:

First-year Accounting courses include:

Introduction to Accounting I
Introduction to Accounting II

You will be required to take on one of these courses. We will provide you with frameworks from the (Nigerian) National Universities Commission.
At the heart of this is your creativity with delivery, bringing in impactful anecdotes and case studies that keep students engaged with contemporary content.

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