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Understanding Sen. Prince Bassey Otu’s People First Manifesto (Agricultural Reform)

The APC governorship candidate, Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu recently unveiled his policy direction document. The much awaited Manifesto which he titledi People First is a very comprehensive policy document capturing all sectors of the state’s economy.

Within the next few days building up to the Governorship election, we will be sharing bits and pieces in very simple terms for everyone to comprehend.


Our land in Cross River State is known to be very rich and fertile for planting, but there is no record anywhere that any part of our land has undergone soil survey which is in line with modern day farming practice.


Promises to conduct a state-wide soil survey and fertility map exercise and which will be validated by the Nigerian Institute of Soil Sciences.


1.  It will help to determine plant nutrient availability and distribution and the pattern of nutrient depletion in the project area.

2. Help determine whether a particular soil type is suited for crops or livestock and what type of soil management might be required.

3. Soil surveys guide planners and farmers to alternatives for making land use decisions . Surveys also predict crop yields for different soils and tell what crops, grasses, and trees are best suited to each soil. They also describe the soil and water management needed to use each soil on a sustained basis.

4. Soil mapping is a tool for agricultural management. It helps farmers learn about the soil characteristics beneath the ground’s surface over a vast area rather than only at certain locations. This understanding enables farmers to implement the appropriate treatment methods.

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