Ukraine: vandals attack crucifix, smash church windows

Ukraine: vandals attack crucifix, smash church windows

Murovany Kurilovtsy, Vinnitsa Province, Ukraine, February 14, 2023


Another church of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church was attacked and vandalized on the night of February 13.

This time, unknown vandals broke the legs of the Lord Jesus Christ on the crucifix installed in front of the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos in the village of Murovany Kurilovtsy, Vinnitsa Province, and smashed the church windows.

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After desecrating the crucifix, the vandals through their axe through the window into the altar, damaging a candle stand inside, the parish community reports.

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They also broke the doors and all the windows of the baptistery and a window in the trapeza. The attacked scattered glass and stones everywhere inside the church.

The church has been attacked before.

“This isn’t the first the windows have been broken and other damage. But it’s one thing to break a window and another—the legs of the Savior… Nothing is sacred for whoever did this,” the community writes.

The parishioners believe the vandalism is the result of the extreme propaganda against Orthodoxy in Ukraine. “Thanks to such an anti-Church and anti-Orthodox policy being carried out by the state today, our society, as practice shows, is starting to suffer from mental disorders and becoming terminally ill.”

Despite repeated appeals to the state service and the police, nothing has been done to protect the church or the parish community.

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