UEFA statement gives update on Arsenal's Super League fine

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UEFA (via The Athletic) have announced that they are no longer planning to pursue legal proceedings against the three clubs still actively supporting the Super League project: Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus.

This comes after a Spanish court injunction classed a punishment settlement for the 12 Super League clubs as illegal.

The result is that UEFA are also planning to “contact the nine other clubs” and inform them they’ll “not require any payment” anymore.

On top of that, the Spanish court ruling would mean the Premier League’s settlement deal with the big six is also unlawful. The Premier League handed the six a £22m fine and a suspended £25m fine and 30-point deduction if they join another breakaway.

That £22m fine was split six ways, so it amounts to under £4m each. The money will go to grass-roots causes.

Hypothetically, the big six would be well-positioned to contest the ruling and avoid punishment altogether. But there is still the PR angle to consider.

At the time of the Premier League’s initial decision, it didn’t seem like the big six believed they were in the wrong from a legal perspective. They just wanted to sweep the issue under the carpet and make amends.

Fighting against their punishment would undo that work. Perhaps it’s best for Arsenal to be grateful for the lack of UEFA punishment and pay the £3.67m to keep everyone happy.

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