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Travis Toews Says He Will Ban UCP Cabinet Ministers From Attending WEF Events

By Wyatt Claypool

When asked about the WEF Toews agreed that the influential non-profit’s left-wing values and syndicalist/corporatist economic policies were completely out-of-line with what a Conservative should believe and stated “Ministers in my cabinet will not be allowed to attend WEF events.”

Toews went on to elaborate and said that:

With respect to the WEF, and other international organizations’ political agendas that are at play, right now we as Albertans need to determine our own course outside of any global influence. That’s my view and the way I will direct my government. 

Although WEF policy influence tends to be more of an issue for countries on the federal level, Alberta has had a history of provincial politicians traveling to the WEF’s yearly conference in Davos, most notably former Premier Alison Redford who made the trip in January 2014

There was actually supposed to be a WEF conference hosted in Lake Louise, Alberta, organized in coordination with Redford and the Alberta government later on in 2014, but it was called off after Redford resigned as premier. 

Source: TNT.