Top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Snake player ApolloKage shares his new character match up chart

Top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Snake player ApolloKage shares his new character match up chart

Metal Gear Solid’s main protagonist, Snake, has been in the Super Smash Bros. franchise for three full games now, and continues to be one of the most unique characters amid the 80+ that players have to choose from.

When a fighter is relatively different from the rest of their peers, they can very easily float to the top (ahem, Steve) or sink to the bottom of the pack, and while Snake has definitely spent some time around the bookends, he’s actually roughly somewhere just outside the top 10 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right now. One of the best Snake players around, WG|ApolloKage, just came out with a character match up chart.

ApolloKage’s chart divides Snake’s 81 roster mates across seven different categories based on how they tend to fare against the Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible. The first of these houses just one Nintendo character, and though this fighter is extremely formidable when it comes to his home IP of Zelda, Ganondorf is simply one of the worst options in all of Smash Ultimate.

ApolloKage drums up a “Ganon tier” for Link’s forever nemesis, and explains why the evil Gerudo just can’t do much of anything when facing off against Snake in Smash.

Snake’s remote missile attack, (Nikita) when paired with his back throw is abysmal for Ganondorf. Apollo goes as far as to say that if Ganon player wins a set against a Snake player, they get matter of fact bragging rights for having earned their win, and goes on to note that he feels this is one of the worst match ups in the entire game.

Beyond Ganon tier, there’s the “Solid W” tier with eight characters in it, the “Slight W” tier with 22 characters in it, “Could be even, but I think Snake wins” tier with 21, “Even” tier with 15, “Could go either way” tier with 11, and finally Snake’s two worst match ups are reserved for the “Holy L” tier.

Check out Apollo’s full video in which he talks a bit about every one of Snake’s Ultimate match ups and why he feels the way they do, then let us know where you most agree and disagree in the comments after.

Here’s an image of the final product:

Snake Match Up Chart ApolloKage image #1

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