Tom Hanks: Meet His Family and Grandchildren

Tom Hanks: Meet His Family and Grandchildren

– Tom Hanks is a highly successful actor who has portrayed a range of characters, including Walt Disney and Mister Rogers.
– He has four children, two from his first marriage to Samantha Lewes, who later died. He has two children with his current wife, Rita Wilson.
– All of his children have followed him into the entertainment industry, and Tom has defended their involvement in the nepotism debate, saying that it’s a family business.

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Tom Hanks: A Look into His Family Life

Tom Hanks is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated actors of all time. However, his success in the entertainment industry is not the only reason why he is beloved by many. In fact, his family life is just as fascinating as his Hollywood career. With a wife, four children, and three grandchildren, the Hanks household is nothing short of interesting.

Tom had two children, Colin and Elizabeth Hanks, with his first wife, Samantha Lewes, before they divorced in 1987. Sadly, Samantha passed away in 2002. The actor then tied the knot with actress and singer Rita Wilson in 1988, with whom he had two children, Chester “Chet” Hanks and Truman Hanks. In 2020, Tom gave an emotional speech thanking his family when he received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes. He expressed his gratitude for having a fantastic wife who taught him the meaning of love and brave and wise children to be proud of.

It comes as no surprise that Tom’s children followed in his footsteps and joined the entertainment industry themselves. However, in December 2022, Tom defended his children against accusations of nepotism when speaking to Reuters. He explained that show business is a family affair, and if they were running a different business, such as a plumbing supply or florist, the whole family would chip in one way or another.

Currently, very little is known about Tom’s four children individually, except for their involvement in the world of entertainment. Colin and Elizabeth Hanks have both had successful acting careers, while Chester “Chet” Hanks is an emerging rapper and actor. Truman Hanks, the youngest of the four, has acted in a few small roles.

Finally, Tom Hanks is a proud grandfather of three grandchildren, but not much is known about them, as the family values their privacy. Regardless, the Hanks family is undeniably tight-knit and supportive of one another. It is no wonder that Tom is such a beloved figure, given his immense success and heartwarming family life.


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