Thom Yorke selects IDLES, Miles Davis and more for new Sonos mix

Thom Yorke selects IDLES, Miles Davis and more for new Sonos mix

Thom Yorke has shared a new mix for his Sonos radio show, In The Absence Thereof, featuring an eclectic roster of artists including IDLES and Miles Davis.

The Radiohead frontman began curating a station for the streaming service in 2020 and has since shared numerous wide-ranging playlists.

The latest mix, ‘In The Absence Thereof… Mix 7’, features artists like IDLES, Miles Davis, Bibio and Sun Ra, who have all had some influence on Yorke over the years. “Mix 7 is my latest mix or compilation of music and sound that has moved me deeply by other artists I respect and who inspire me,” he said.

“Listening to music has changed for me recently, I find myself asking what is music or any art in such a time of death, violence and horror? I guess it can only try to bear witness somehow.”

He added: “There are no words to express seeing war Ukraine, in Europe in the 21st century. Normal life has been diminished, there is a sense of wanton absurdity and futility. The clowns have run out of jokes, their faces have twisted into grimaces, no longer able to hide the malignant shadows standing behind them. Families just like ours, innocent children, pulled apart. We can only pray to wake up from this nightmare and never allow it to happen again. Soon.”

Thom Yorke’s ‘In The Absence Thereof… Mix 7’ includes: 

Bridget St. John – ‘Ask Me No Questions’
IC3PEAK – ‘Пламя’
Ennio Morricone – ‘The Trio – Main Title’
IDLES – ‘Progress’
Paul DeMarinis – ‘The Lecture of Comrade Stalin at the Extraordinary 8th Plenary Congress’
Bibio – ‘Pantglas’
Mr. Mitch – ‘Sleep’
Sun Ra – ‘I Am An Instrument’
Jim James – ‘State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.)’
English Garden – ‘7-10 Split’
Bendik Giske – ‘Cruising’
Divide And Dissolve – ‘Did You Have Something To Do With It’
Divide And Dissolve – ‘Oblique’
Walter Smetak – ‘Iêéaóôu’
Tony Allen, Dave Okmu & Joan As Police Woman – ‘The Barbarian’
Don Cherry’s New Researches – ‘Interlude / North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn’
Miles Davis – ‘Saeta’

Elsewhere, Yorke will release a new batch of his own music next month when The Smile share their debut album ‘A Light For Attracting Attention’. The band is comprised of the Radiohead frontman and their guitarist Jonny Greenwood and Sons Of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner.

The group’s debut album will be released on May 13 via XL Recording and was produced by Radiohead’s longtime collaborator Nigel Godrich. It will feature previous singles ‘You Will Never Work In Television Again’, ‘The Smoke’, and ‘Skrting On The Surface’.

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