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This Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Vergil combo is so bonkers it took three people to bring to life

By John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero

09 nice | This Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Vergil combo is so bonkers it took three people to bring to life | The Paradise News

With as over the top, flashy, and ridiculous as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tends to be on the regular, a given combo has to be particularly crazy to stand out. We’ve got one that might do the trick, though.

Enter TFaut5, Finisherofwar, and Haydenplz, the three Marvel 3 players who all contributed to bringing us this 269 hit monstrosity from Vergil that involves no fewer than three Round Trip Devil Trigger loops.

Vergil has proven to be one of the strongest and most popular picks in UMvC3, so there’s been no shortage of exploration when it comes to him. That said, apparently nobody thought to try looping his boomerang-like Round Trip attack to this degree.

The devil/human hybrid can throw his sword and see it return to him as it spins across the stage, but if he teleports about while it’s out, he can keep from reclaiming it for quite some time… especially when he’s got his mobility-boosting Devil Trigger state activated.

It was TFaut5 who apparently came up with the initial idea to pair Devil Trigger with Round Trip in such a way as to be able to have the latter do continual damage until the timer on Devil Trigger runs out, and then Finisherofwar creatively figured out how to implement this tech into a continued combo.

The end result, which was actually put into a video by Haydenplz, sees Vergil link together a whopping three Devil Trigger statuses with his sword out hitting his foe for pretty much the entire duration. He then tacks on a little more razzle dazzle at the end, and nets an incredible 269 hits and a cool 1.56 million damage as a result.

Check out the beatdown via the video below, and then hit up the comments section to let us know what you thought of it.

Source: Event Hubs