This is what makes Street Fighter 5 so stressful to play

This is what makes Street Fighter 5 so stressful to play

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Like it or hate it, Street Fighter 5 is an intense experience. While it’s true you’d be hard-pressed to find a fighting game that isn’t stressful, it seems as though the fifth Street Fighter tends to encourage premature gray hair growth a little more rapidly than others.

In a recent video, FGC content creator MC Mura takes a closer look at why that seems to be the case. It’s multifaceted, for sure, but honing in on the biggest offenders is very much illuminating

Mura was partially inspired to dig into this topic after seeing a tweet from a friend, FrostXCVI, that reads as follows:

“I feel 10x less stress in a game where you get 2 touch killed and have to block for 5+ seconds at a time with incoming high/low mix-up than I do trying to react to random dashes or -2 dashes on oki in SF5.”

Indeed, Street Fighter 5’s damage output has been attended to multiple times and the game’s defense has been buffed through various means.

It used to be that you might die in two touches, but it’s less that way now than ever before, and there are plenty of other games where that’s still very much the case.

A idea that “You’re only as minus as you believe you are,” is somewhat commonly tossed around when it comes to this game, and points to a big part of what Mura gets at in his attempt to explain the stress of SF5.

This is in reference to the fact that, in Street Fighter 5, even some of the most obvious tactics can be difficult to consistently field and shut down.

Whenever a player fails to stop a given dash or jump, even when they’re ill-advised, the punishment feels immense and a natural stress of needing to be ready to stop everything simultaneously can set in.

Mura has a lot more to say about this as well as a few other factors, so check out the full video below and then let us know if this hits the nail on the head for you or not in the comments.

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