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This is the least efficient trade we've ever seen in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate match…

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By John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero

22 message | This is the least efficient trade we've ever seen in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate match... | The Paradise News

So the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community has been having Steve problems for quite some time now, and we’ve got yet another clip that’s sure to make the blood of those who wish bans or nerfs on the atypical Smash character boil.

Said clip was posted by the Steve user, King Failbot, and sees him clash with perhaps the most determined Kazuya player we’ve ever seen.

Certain characters have attacks or grabs that essentially capture their opposition so they can carry or move them about the stage. The earliest example of this was Donkey Kong back in the original Smash Bros for Nintendo 64, who could simply grab opponents, carry them around and, given the trade made sense, could even leap off the stage and cause both characters to lose a stock.

Fast forward to modern times where a handful of other fighters can do something similar, one of which being the Tekken guest star: Kazuya Mishima.

Kazuya has an attack that sees him grasp his foe, transform into the winged Devil Kazuya, and then slam them into the ground below. Should this happen when the characters are off stage, they’ll both plummet to their deaths… usually.

With Steve’s unique ability to manifest blocks that can serve as both obstacles and platforms, Failbot is actually able to survive this suicidal strategy. Just watching it play out is enough to make most frustrated, and we can only imagine how this Kazuya felt having sacrificed a whole stock in vain.

That said, sometimes you just have to drive your point home no matter the cost. He probably didn’t win the round, but this Kazuya player has definitely won our respect:

Source: Event Hubs