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There are 3 sides to Aubameyang’s departure from Arsenal

Aubameyang’s case is complicated and has three sides, one from the player, one from the coach, the other from the club.

From the Player, because of his reckless lifestyle (at AFCON, he went partying with his friend Lemina, even if they both disagreed) and contracted COVID. He failed to show up for a single match in the entire tournament, it was from one story to the other until it ended up in a heart problem, when they finally brought him back to London, they said he was okay (just like that), meanwhile, the entire nation looked up to him to rescue them in the tournament, he is their best player till date, but he did not show up. This is his lifestyle and character, does not accept responsibility, hardly takes anything serious, it’s just his personality since Dortmund days. And the “process” does not need such personalities, who will miss a goal and laugh it off.

From the coach, who knew Auba’s personality and game style, he initially built the team around him and played to his style, all the balls were fed to him; then he changed the pattern and moved to the “process,” which involved extra pressing.
Note: Most players who are not used to gengen pressing, when they use all their energy to press, then there is less energy left to think clearly and calm their game down. Which is who Auba is, his game requires less-stress and effort on his part. Laca uses all his strength to press and less energy to focus on positioning and finishing.

The coach switched the pattern after the FA Cup victory, it affected Auba, who was not able to be integrated into the team again.

Being quite an emotional human being, he saw that the team had moved past him, he was no longer the focus/centre of attraction, coupled with his off-the field issues (his mother’s health, time management, lack of leadership to younger ones), then he fell of the track.

Only an emotional response could bring him back, which MA was not ready to give into.

Lastly, the club, who gave a player over 30, a contract of 350,000 a week for 3 years. Not taking into account so many things. Some say it’s a reckless contract, but many were begging him to sign the contract then, including Laca (sign that ting).

Well, any argument you bring on Auba will revolve around these 3 factors, unless you have a new perspective (maybe the Kroenke’s), let’s hear.

Its not really one person’s fault. It is complicated.



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