The Strange Life of Zebras

The Strange Life of  Zebras

We always see zebras as gentle animals. But zebras aren’t that gentle when it comes to breeding and control in the jungle.

One male zebra (a stallion) controls at least 6 female zebras (mares) as his wives. This male zebra is dominant – he keeps all the 6 female zebras to himself. He alone mates with them for breeding.

If bachelor zebras come near his harem (wives) it would lead to a serious fight that involves brutal kicking and biting. Any zebra that wins the fight becomes the new husband of all the female zebras in the harem. So, the dominant male zebra must fight with all his strength to make sure no bachelor zebra takes over his wives.

If unfortunately, the dominant zebra loses in the fight, he leaves his wives to the winner and goes back to join a group of bachelor zebras and losers.

Things can take a dark turn after the fight. If the wives of the former dominant zebra have children (foals), the new husband may kill all the little zebras to erase the traces of the former husband and to get the harem pregnant.

If the new dominant zebra doesn’t kill all the little zebras, the female zebras in the harem will not get pregnant because their body isn’t designed to go into a mating mode when they still have babies to take care of. If a mare gives birth, she doesn’t get pregnant until her baby is old enough to take care of itself.

That’s why the new husband must kill the babies of the former husband to have his own children. And if the dominant male discovers that the female still carries the pregnancy of the former husband, he will aggressively mate with her in order to force her to have a miscarriage.

By Apotheosis of Knowledge Facts

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