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The Positivesingles Trends That Will Define 2023

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Dating with herpes is akin to having a dumpster fire on your hands. Fighting herpes is a long, arduous journey as there isn’t any permanent cure for this STD. No doubt, the HSV virus causes a sudden outbreak of symptoms.

Uncontrolled symptoms will damage the body’s organs. The damage is not just internal but also psychological. Forging relationships with new partners can be challenging. Morale is affected.

An estimated 12% of the US population within the age bracket of 14 -49 years is affected bythe HSV virus. The stats indicate that herpes is not rare. But dating with herpes has become rare because of societal stigma and incorrect stereotyping.

A vast majority of the affected don’t show any symptoms. In other words, they are asymptomatic. A few exhibit symptoms but the body recovers in a week or two. The next outbreak of symptoms usually happens after 2-3 months. This window of 2-3 months should be used judiciously to enjoy a healthy dating life.

Dating with herpes entails three very important elements:

  1. Proper diagnosis
  2. Correct medication
  3. Deep conversations with partner(s)

Timing is very important when it comes to having deep conversations with your partner. If you disclose your herpes status just before initiating sexual intercourse, your partner may not be receptive to unpleasant surprises. So, it’s advised to disclose the details way before having any form of sex – oral or penetrative.

Herpes dating sites and herpes dating apps are the cohesive elements that bind members of herpes affected community.A vast majority of members on these sites want friendship and support. A few others want relationships beyond friendship. Sites like PositiveSingles are a blessing for those looking for relationships beyond friendship.

PositiveSingles is a reputed herpes dating site with an awesome dating pool of 2 million members. And the dating pool is replete with active accounts. Only a handful of niche herpes dating apps and herpes dating sites can boast of such a vast dating pool.

Traditional dating sites have more than 3 million members. But truth be told, traditional dating apps and sites don’t cater to the herpes-affected and STD-affected.

Create Account to find your STD Dating partner:

Account creation is a bit different. At the time of sign-up and registration, this herpes dating site will prompt users to mention about their STD condition and prior experiences with STD. This will obviate the uninterested audience from creating profiles. This results in a wholesome and exclusive experience forinterested users.

Also, casual website visitors cannot scout for potential matches without creating accounts.

Quick Search and Advanced Search

Many herpes dating sites have limited search capabilities. Even worse, profile-matching capabilities are insubstantial. PositiveSingles is an exception. The site is endowed with sophisticated search capabilities and robust profile-matching features.

As a user, you can perform two types of searches – a quick search and an advanced search. Quick search is all about using basic parameters such as age, location, and gender. When you create a trial account, this Herpes dating site only lets you do a quick search. When you become a paid member, the site will let you do an advanced search.

Advanced search is all about filtering by religion, ethnicity, education, marital status, number of children, smoking and drinking preferences, body type, and relationship status.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of providing your input for each of the aforementioned parameters every time. All the inputs are stored and will be set as default search parameters. If you want to tweak the parameters of your choice, feel free to do so.

The matching algorithm on this herpes dating site uses filters and fetches probable profiles.

Let’s Meet

Let’s Meet is a matching feature. It lets you swipe through various profiles. This feature is present in traditional dating sites and apps such as Tinder. Of course, there’s more to this feature.

This awesome feature lets you take a sneak peek into the basic details and a picture of your potential match. However, you cannot do this without uploading a photo of yourself.

Not many established sites in the market have this cool feature.


This herpes dating site maintains the confidentiality of user data. For instance, it’s not uncommon to see users uploading their profile photos with faces covered or masked. Also, the images are blurred and only shown to other users only after that particular user grants access.

Once the user grants access, apart from the main photo, private photos can also be viewed.

It’s a known fact that many adult dating sites brim with unwanted ads. But PositiveSingles has zero advertisements. This is a true sign of a legitimate dating site.

FAQ Section

This herpes dating site has an exhaustive FAQ section. Answers to FAQs are deeply informative. And yes, there’s a dedicated blog for sharing success stories of dating with herpes and STDs. Community resources such as care locations are also present. For the uninitiated, a care location is a place where herpes and other STDs affected get treated if symptoms worsen.

Customer Support

The site takes its audience and registered users seriously. However, the absence of phone support and live chat features has left many users disgruntled. Only email support is available.

Mobile App

Thanks to its dedicated mobile app, PositiveSingles also features in the list of top herpes dating apps. Beyond doubt, both the desktop and mobile versions are user-friendly.


This herpes dating app has three pricing slabs.

Duration Cost
1 month USD 33.99
3 months USD 69.99
6 months USD 109.99


Let’s look at the pricing slabs of its desktop version

Duration Cost
1 month USD 29.95
3 months USD 59.95
6 months USD 95.95


Why are slabs on the app costlier? Glad you asked!

The app has a built-in video chat feature along with a video call feature.

To purchase a membership plan of your choice, you can use credit cards. More often than not, 3-month and 6-month membership plans are not auto-renewed. However, the one-month membership plan is auto-renewed. If you don’t want this auto-renewal, untick the option at the time of payment.

The business model of PositiveSingles is purely driven by memberships. It’s not ad-driven.

Live Dating Advisor

Dating with herpes and without a dating advisor is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Navigating through STDs like herpes can be difficult for the affected adult and the un-affected partner.

Professional guidance and help will come a long way in building sustainable relationships. There’s a live chat feature on this herpes dating site that lets users interact with counselors.

Needless to say, the anonymity of conversations is assured.


2023 will be about more and more people embracing safe sexual practices. People will pay for safe sex and will only register on sites and apps that assure anonymity.Thanks to superior internet and smartphone penetration, chemistry amongst consenting adults will be built through messages, texting, and calling.

Herpes dating apps like PositiveSingles Android APP and IOS App are doing a fantastic job when it comes to educating people about STDs and herpes. Also, their efforts to break the stigma of dating with herpes by catering to a niche audience are praise worthy.

If you are still skeptical about the site, create a free account today and explore its features. You will be amazed. So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time in reading this article. Have a practical experience. Create and indulge in the beautiful and the most amazing dating with herpes sites i.e., Cheers!

Source: Daily Celebs.