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The new Omicron subvariant makes up 60% of all fresh Covid-19 cases in the United States

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According to CDC projections, a new Omicron variant composed almost 60% of all new US infections in the most recent week.

The new variant, known as BA.2.12.1, is more mobile than earlier versions of Omicron according to the Xinhua news agency.

In late March, the percentage of new Covid-19 infections attributed to Nodo was just 3.4 percent in the country. CDC data revealed that the proportion of individuals infected with flu rose to 31.8 percent at the end of April and 59.1 percent at the end of May. The new variant originated from BA.2, which was more likely to spread than any earlier coronavirus variant.

The growing incidence of new diseases during the summer months is expected by health experts, who warn of an impending spike in infections after Memorial Day gatherings and travel.

Source: Medriva.