The Most Affordable Luxury Mattress Is On Rare Sale Right Now

The Most Affordable Luxury Mattress Is On Rare Sale Right Now

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I used to be totally against buying a mattress online. I mean, if there’s one thing in life that I want to try out before I buy it, that would be a mattress. After all, they’re a big investment and the quality of sleep I get each night has a huge impact on the productivity, mood, and energy level I experience the next day, every day. Why would I order a mattress the same way I order dog food? It made no sense—until I tried a Bear mattress.

The Bear Elite Hybrid mattress is actually my second Bear mattress and is a fancy version of my previous mattress, the traditional Bear mattress. The new and improved mattress has even more advanced cooling technology (great for serial sweaters such as myself) and the zoned, contour cut support layer offers differentiated support for different parts of the body (for those of us that need more support in the lumbar area). The cuts in the foam also increase airflow throughout the mattress, which helps to provide a cooler night’s sleep.

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress

Down from $2,111

Bear mattresses ship fast, free, and come in a deceivingly small box that will have you wonder if they accidentally sent you a children’s mattress. For years, I’ve been sleeping on a queen so I decided to switch it up and sleep like a queen, on a king (wait, did that come out wrong?). When the box arrived, it was only about 5-feet tall and 2-feet wide so I was shocked to find the correct size mattress inside. I carefully opened the box and popped the bed out to rest on the frame. While it immediately puffed out to what appeared to be its full kingly glory, Bear recommends letting mattresses rest two or three days before sleeping on them so I shut the door and walked away.

Since my last bed was a queen, I also needed a new frame. Enter the Bear Adjustable Flex Bed (also currently 25 percent off), which has made it even more comfortable to read in bed or to just relax with my feet up. It’s also made less-healthy activities like working on my laptop and watching movies in bed a lot more comfortable. I tend to prefer firm mattresses (typically a 7 or 8 on Bear’s “mush to rock” firmness scale) but the Bear Hybrid comes in three feels—Luxury Firm, Luxury Plush, and Extra Firm—so you can get exactly the feel you’re going for. To help you with your decision, Bear has a handy firmness guide that provides some helpful guidance.

pdp adjustable flex side head foot | The Most Affordable Luxury Mattress Is On Rare Sale Right Now | The Paradise News

Bear Mattress Adjustable Flex Bed

Down from $1425

The bed frame has handy features like custom setting presets and a flashlight on the remote that’s helped me find my glasses at night on more than one occasion. The frame is ultra-easy to assemble (it took only about 20 minutes), but its sturdiness means it’s heavy so you’ll definitely need a second person to carry it up a flight of stairs.

For all my conscious consumers out there, the Bear Elite Hybrid is made with environmentally-friendly materials and is also GreenGuard Gold certified, which is sort of like LEED certification for furniture. As such, the mattress has met strict chemical emissions testing which results in better indoor air quality. It’s also free of fiberglass and made in the United States. Wow, is this beginning to sound like an infomercial? But wait, there’s more! Order now and get a free toaster! Well, not really, but if you order now, you will get two free cloud pillows, which, I’d argue, are better than a toaster.

Not only is the Bear Elite Hybrid already priced lower than its competitors (five years ago, I paid twice the price for a comparable mattress), but it’s also currently 25 percent and you can even break the purchase down into installments. What will Bear think of next? Perhaps a deluxe elite toaster edition? If so, I’d be the first in line to try it!

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Source: The Daily Beast.

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