The Morning After: Elon Musk is buying Twitter

The Morning After: Elon Musk is buying Twitter

This morning’s tech headlines are heavy on Musk. While the SpaceX and Tesla boss is still chasing hyperloop glory, yesterday — more than anyone else would have likely paid for the social network.

Musk has already said he’ll take the company private and added he wants to upgrade Twitter by protecting free speech, open-sourcing algorithms, fighting spambots and “authenticating all humans.”

Now, there’s no-one the internet and tech media loves to predict or bet against more than Elon Musk. What’s odd is that Musk laid out his interest in Twitter so explicitly. He tweets so much. He makes headlines, not only in specialist press but across TV networks and major newspapers, with his casual missives running the gamut from typo-riven banter — how I deal with Twitter, to be honest — to angering America’s Securities Exchange Commission and facing repercussions for it.

I’m interested to see how it compares to Jeff Bezos’ of The Washington Post, which now seems like a sensible, innocuous media purchase in comparison. The Amazon founder has been pretty hands-off, as he said he would be.

Bezos paid $250 million for a journalistic institution. Musk is offering up 176 times more for Twitter.

— Mat Smith

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Elon Musk the idea of a high-speed hyperloop transport system between cities back in 2013, but he then left it to other companies. Next, in 2017, he he would build a hyperloop system after all, starting with a route. Now, Musk has tweeted The Boring Company will attempt to build a working hyperloop “in the coming years.” The company hasn’t completed any significant projects, apart from the with 1.7 miles of tunnels. (It has announced but shelved or canceled several other projects).

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