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The Makemo medical-dental team from the Health Department was on a mission in Katiu from June 6 to 10

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Tweet: Katiu mission undertaken by the Makemo medical-dental team

The medical-dental team of Makemo has recently been renewed, it is now made up of a dentist Dr Olivier MEUNIER, a permanent official at Makemo since the last quarter of 2021; and a doctor Dr Pierre MARTIN who was recently recruited for a start in March 2022.

Dr MARTIN, Dr MEUNIER, nurse Noémie MOLOTOALA, and dental assistant Fanny HENNION did not hesitate to charter a secure “Kau” for this 2-hour ocean crossing to reach this atoll of 240 inhabitants.

The daily work amplitude was very dense (at least 12h/day), which made it possible to examine a hundred patients. The Katiu health worker, Noémie OPUHI, benefited during this mission from continuous training provided by the doctor and the nurse, in particular on the detection of contact cases of tuberculosis, as well as on the use of the PARSYS telemedicine.

The medical-dental team was delighted by this mission, by the warm welcome of the municipality and the population of Katiu. Two trips will be planned during the year.