The Largest Cash Heists in History

The Largest Cash Heists in History

Could one of these cash heists be the inspiration of the hit TV show money heist?

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Cash Heist Masterminds | Source: Vanity Fair

I’m sure everyone and their entire family is aware of Money Heist and if you aren’t… are you living under a rock or what? Go watch it on your friends’ Netflix or the Netflix you’ve borrowed from your friend’s brother’s friend. It’s basically a Spanish season on Netflix also known as Le casa de Papel which is based upon heists in the Royal Mint of Spain and the bank of Spain.

Despite this series is fictional, it’s intriguing, interesting, mysterious, and shocking. The plot unfolds the deadliest secrets and unravels new mysteries. This season has led me to write about the actual heists that took place in the US. I’m not talking about minor heists I’m talking about the largest ones on US soil and how these heists took place. Here we go:

A Drawing of The Sentry Armored Robbery | Source: Special Collection

This took place on 12th December 1982 in the Bronx, New York. This company was robbed of almost a whopping 11 million dollars by the guard Christos Potamitis and his other accomplices. This robbery was carefully thought of by the robbers and it was an inside job that was portrayed as a normal robbery.

Christos made himself look like he was overpowered since his accomplices punched a massive hole into the wooden roof of the car company’s main headquarters. This heist wasn’t planned in a day it was carefully and methodologically planned for being done on the day when the cash receipts would be sent to the banks.

This heist was amongst the largest robberies in US history in 1982 and almost 5 of the accomplices were jailed but only 1.5 million was recovered. Scary isn’t it? I think it’s intriguing to read and hear about such heists. I can’t even begin to imagine how the robbers felt at that time. An adrenaline rush of course!

The Loomis Fargo Robbery | Source: All That’s Interesting

This robbery took place on October 4th, 1997 in North Carolina, and the amount that was stolen was a total of 17.3 million US dollars. This heist was very tricky for Loomis Fargo and it was arranged by the vault supervisor David Scott Ghantt.

Cash was unloaded into trucks and then to private vehicles and he crossed the border to Mexico with 50k and the rest was being hidden. However, despite the planning, Ghantt was the prime suspect and he got caught through cameras along with 16 other associates.

After more digging it was revealed that Ghantt had a whole gang and the entire crime was unveiled. 2 million is yet to be found and this heist was the inspiration of the comedy movie Masterminds.

CCTV Camera Footage of The Dunbar Armored Robbery | Source: WTOP

This heist took place on the 12th of September 1997 in California and the amount stolen was almost 18.9 million US dollars. Two heists in the same year! The mastermind behind this heist was Allen Pace a regional safety inspector. His job allowed him to easily see the company’s car depot and look at all the blind spots of the security cameras. He was aware of everything from how to hide from cameras to when the guards went for a break a d when the money was open which was on Friday.

He stole the amount on the night of September 12th with five of his old accomplices. It took him 30 mins to move 18.9 million US dollars and I can’t move out of bed. He knew how to hide from the cameras and he knew which bags had the most cash and he hid the recording devices for all cameras.

The robbers started distributing their share and because of one robber, the crime was disclosed. When that robber was dealing a stack of cash with the same money the heist was unveiled and only 5 million was recovered.

Inside The Locker Room of The United California Bank | Source: Alchetron

This robbery took place on 24th March 1972 in California and the cash stolen was approximately 30 million. 30 million US dollars! I’m still not sure how many zeros are included but I’m sure there’s a hell of a lot of zeroes.

This robbery was carried out by two pro robbers James and Amil Dinsio and their nephews, two of their associates, and their brother-in-law. All these people were good at turning off alarms and they used dynamite for making a massive hole into the vault.

This was the largest heist in US history almost 30 million dollars stolen in cash and other valuables. After getting greedy for more money they tried to carry out another heist in Ohio which led to them being caught. The investigators connected the dogs and their entire plan and location along with the California penthouse were discovered. The entire gang was thrown into prison and the majority of the amount was recovered.

Oh god! I’m sure that’s your reaction after reading about these heists. Trust me I have the same reaction and don’t you think you can pull off a larger and a much bigger heist.


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