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‘Terrific Upbringing Raised By An Army Family’: Three Brothers United 50 Years Later

Three men who shared the same father were finally united Saturday at Fort Knox after one of the sons was put up for adoption 50 years ago in Germany, ABC News reported.

Robert Edmonson II, 54, finally met his two half brothers, Brian Jackson, 53, and Eric, 50, at the Army base where the youngest sibling was stationed, according to ABC News.

The three men shared the same father, Edward Jackson, who put Edmonson up for adoption after the father was serving in the U.S. Army in Germany and got his then-girlfriend pregnant, ABC News reported. Edmonson took a DNA test which helped reunite the three brothers. (RELATED: US Army Releases Cartoon Recruitment Ad That Features LGBTQ March And Lesbian Wedding)

“A number of emotions came to mind,” Edmonson told ABC News. “I was raised as an only child, so I immediately had siblings.”

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“I am still learning what that means,” Edmonson added. “I’m learning more about the emotions associated with having siblings.”

Edmonson’s adoptive parents died recently, and he reached out to family members to ask if he should contact his biological family, ABC News reported.

“I had a terrific upbringing raised by an Army family, served for 20 years, provided for me as best they could, and I wouldn’t change a thing,” Edmonson said.

Eric told ABC News that he was anxious and emotional before meeting his brothers, both because they share DNA and U.S. Army history, ABC News reported.

“It’s really hard to put into words,” Eric said after the meeting. “But if I could sum it up in one word, that word could be ‘love’. And if I was to put a banner on it, it would be ‘brotherly love.”

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