Tekken 8's Nina Williams compared side-by-side with her Tekken 7 counterpart

Tekken 8's Nina Williams compared side-by-side with her Tekken 7 counterpart

Bandai Namco is leaping into the next generation of fighting games with their upcoming 3D title, Tekken 8. The company recently gave fans a full breakdown of the game’s new Heat system, as well as revealed fan-favorite and staple of the series, Nina Williams.

Nina (and the Tekken series in general) has had quite the glow up here in Tekken 8, and YouTuber YellowMotion recently took the time to compare some of the shots from the new trailer with Nina’s previous iteration to see how much things have changed for the new generation.

Right out of the gate, we can see that Nina’s overall design has been altered quite a bit. Instead of her trademark body suit and long ponytail, new Nina now has a shorter, hair down hairdo, sunglasses, and an elegant dress underneath a cool leather jacket.

Tekken 7 first saw it’s release back in 2015, and the now eight-year-old title is starting to show it’s age when stacked right next to the upcoming installment. YellowMotion’s video does a great job of showing this thanks to the side-by-side comparisons for Nina’s intros, her Rage Arts, and her winning poses.

Despite this being a brand new game, it seems Bandai Namco is keeping some aspects of Nina (and the other characters on the roster so far) concurrent between Tekken 7 and Tekken 8. For example, Nina uses the same intro and outro dialogue in both games, as well as nearly identical animations for both.

Thanks to this comparison video, however, we do see that her Rage Art super attacks are quite different between Tekken 7 and Tekken 8. Though these maneuvers start out very similarly and even activate with the same low chop attack, Tekken 8’s version revolves a lot more around her pistols while in Tekken 7 Nina climbs all over the opponent and grapples them into submission.

Check out this side-by-side comparison of Nina in Tekken 8 and Tekken 7 below.


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