Takamura shows he's ready for Capcom Cup with this incredible auto correct Raging Demon play in Street Fighter 5

Takamura shows he's ready for Capcom Cup with this incredible auto correct Raging Demon play in Street Fighter 5

Capcom Cup 9 is officially kicking off this weekend with the first day of the Last Chance Qualifier. The winner of the LCQ will join the main event as the finalists slug it out in elimination matches to decide the top 16, then move on to crown the Capcom Pro Tour world champion.

One such player who doesn’t have to worry about the Last Chance Qualifier and has already qualified for Capcom Cup this year, Takamura, is continuing to practice in anticipation of the upcoming big show. He recently shared an absolutely gnarly Street Fighter 5 clip in which a perfectly placed Raging Demon from Akuma auto corrected and caught Dhalsim after a teleport making for the perfect read and an amazing highlight.

The Capcom Cup elimination round groups and match ups were selected last week, and Takamura found himself in Group A along with iDom, Veggey, Oil King, and more. Before this Akuma player takes on the likes of these competitors, though, we have to talk about this insane clip we have here.

In the footage, we see Takamura going up against a Dhalsim player online. With Takamura’s health almost completely gone and the Sim’s at about 25%, the stretchy fighter aimed to close things out with a classic mix up.

From nearly full screen away, the Dhalsim shot an EX fireball and attempted to teleport behind Takamura to take that last little bit of health remaining. Unfortunately for Sim, Takamura saw this coming a mile away and pulled off a very impressive counter.

Back dashing right before the fireball made contact, Takamura managed to buffer the input for Raging Demon during the dash animation all whilst very narrowly evading the powered up projectile. As Dhalsim appeared behind Akuma, the input for the hard-hitting Critical Art was completed causing the super to activate and actually auto correct to face Dhalsim.

As Dhalsim recovered from the teleport, Akuma glided across the stage and right into the opponent, snatching the yoga master up in his clutches. The powerful Raging Demon super made full contact here and was enough to close out the round.

“See you at Capcom Cup,” wrote Takamura in the tweet accompanying the clip. Clearly this Akuma player is ready for the big event.


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