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Struggling to parry in God of War? Apparently this arcade stick hybrid controller makes it so you'll never miss another one

By Steven ‘Dreamking23’ Chavez

Probably not the most practical way to play, but hey, it’s an option!

10 gowbnr | Struggling to parry in God of War? Apparently this arcade stick hybrid controller makes it so you'll never miss another one | The Paradise News

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 owners are digging deep into the latest blockbuster title from Sony Santa Monica, God of War Ragnarök, right now after its big launch yesterday. The latest adventure for Kratos and his son Atreus has been well received by critics, with some outlets giving it the highly coveted perfect review score.

The God of War series is widely renowned and has incredible reach, with many of us here in the fighting game community being fans. One such fan happens to be HBDustin, the creator of the Hitbox controller, and in a recent video they showed how you can get a successful parry every time in God of War using their arcade stick hybrid controller, the Cross|Up. While it’s not the most practical thing to use, you definitely have to see it in action.

The Hitbox controller is designed to take the standard joystick on an arcade controller and map those directional inputs to arcade-style buttons making for a lever-less peripheral. The company’s Cross|Up controller keeps the joystick intact and mapped to the left stick of a standard gamepad, but also adds buttons above and below the face buttons that trigger the D-Pad inputs.

Dustin uses the latter controller to see what it can do for parries in God of War — and apparently it can do quite a bit. The clip shared uses 2018’s God of War, not God of War Ragnarök, but I imagine the same abilities transfer over just fine to the latest game.

What we see in the footage is Kratos running around as enemies swarm. By sliding from R1 down to L1 on the controller over and over again, the former god of war will keep initiating his shield parry animation, and from the looks of it it will parry every time it makes contact with an oncoming attack.

Doing this makes it so that you don’t have to specifically time your deflect maneuver with the enemy’s attack animation, but instead you can spam it freely and remain unscathed. We even see a moment where Kratos is in the middle of an attack animation after a successful parry, but interrupts it to parry another foe on his left.

This obviously isn’t the ideal way to play God of War, but it’s definitely interesting to see in action. Besides, the fighting game community loves to play games with totally unconventional controllers and use arcade-style set ups to play games they weren’t designed for, so we can now safely add God of War to that list.

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