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Street Fighter 6's online ranking system specifics revealed as players begin accessing the closed beta test

By Justin ‘AdaptiveTrigger’ Gordon

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Street Fighter 6’s Closed Beta Test is scheduled to begin on October 7 and last until October 9. By now, many players have already received their beta access codes. We’re already getting a sneak peek at some of Street Fighter 6’s features before the beta even goes live.

Needless to say, Street Fighter 6’s ranking system appears to have seen some interesting refinements since Street Fighter 5. There’s a lot to be excited here regardless of each player’s skill level.

There will now apparently be eight leagues consisting of Rookie, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Each league will be divided up into five different ranks (think something similar to “Super Silver” and “Ultra Silver”).

Whether a player is able to achieve extra points from win streaks or if they’re even able to suffer a league demotion is dependent on which league the player is currently competing in.

In the Rookie league, players will be rewarded for a win streak bonus. Additionally, it’s not possible for players in this league to even lose points upon losing. In other words, a player can only ascend the ranks and leagues until they break into the Iron league.

While in the Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues, a league demotion won’t be possible. Players that break into one of these leagues will never be able to return to the Rookie rank, or any other previously conquered rank.

Of course, it should be noted that players will begin losing points when they lose starting in these leagues. Luckily though, there’s a safety net in the form of a “one-time rank down protection.”

In the Platinum and Diamond leagues, the one-time rank down protection will still be in place, but it will now be possible to be demoted to a worse league if players here lose too many times. Additionally, the win streak bonus no longer exists beyond this point.

Once a player wins enough to achieve Master league, there’s cause to celebrate as it will no longer be possible to be demoted to a lesser league. Capcom is likely trying to encourage players that get to the Master league to keep playing instead of putting the game down in fear of a league demotion.

It’s also interesting to note that not all players will begin in the Rookie league. When first jumping into the ranked mode, a player will be asked how well they played in Street Fighter 5.

Beginners are said to new to fighting games (unranked or Rookies in Street Fighter 5). Novice players have a little bit of fighting game experience and were able to break into Bronze rank in Street Fighter 5.

Those considered to be intermediate are players that play fighting games often and can perform combos, which is supposedly enough for Silver and Gold ranked players from SF5. Finally, Advanced players are said to be Platinum or higher in Street Fighter 5.

Before a player is placed in a rank, they will be expected to play 10 placement matches to determine an appropriate starting rank. Check out all the images of these in-game explanations courtesy of Adam_rsf on Twitter below:

Street Fighter 6 Ranking System image #1

Street Fighter 6 Ranking System image #2

Street Fighter 6 Ranking System image #3

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