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Street Fighter 6: More content for more players (With Special Guest King Jae)

By John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero

04 right | Street Fighter 6: More content for more players (With Special Guest King Jae) | The Paradise News

Though they’ve been around for more than thirty years now, fighting games have proven to be a genre of gaming that has a rough time competing with others for player attention. The reason? They’re damn hard.

While franchises like Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros., and Tekken have made it a point to round themselves out by adding tons of intriguing single player content, Street Fighter hasn’t exactly excelled in this particular department. If Street Fighter 6 wants to stand a chance in the modern atmosphere where so many extremely accessible titles are available, that has to change… and it’s looking like Capcom is on the right track.

Special guest King Jae joins us for this special edition of Talk and Block as we discuss the broad new horizons Street Fighter is attempting to explore with all the single player content being revealed for Street Fighter 6.

With traditional competitive fighting game play as its foundational and core appeal to hardcore audiences, SF6 is also chock full of less intense, more immediately rewarding modes for players who aren’t looking to win Evo to enjoy.

Yes, you can duke it out with friends (and foes) via what’s looking to be a very nuanced battle system, but those who simply want to stream goofy shenanigans, explore the open world of Metro City while interacting with the game solely at their own pace, or simply put it on at a party for those who’ve never touched a fighting game to enjoy, all have reasons to pick up a copy.

We speak with Jae about the allures of World Tour, Extreme Battle, and Battle Hub, citing an older fighting game mode (Tekken 3’s iconic Tekken Ball) that proved to be a simple yet incredibly effective way of fleshing out the fun beyond the usual modes of play.

Will Street Fighter 6 capture the kind of magic that Tekken Ball (a mode that’s still commonly referenced and played here some 25 years and five main franchise entries later) did? We won’t know for certain until Street Fighter 6 comes out next year, but we can make some predictions based on the loads of footage we’ve seen thus far.


00:00 – Street Fighter catching up to Mortal Kombat and Tekken in the single player department?

02:49 – Will the more casual content add up to a standalone reason to buy the game?

06:25 – Capturing the magic of Tekken Ball?

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